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Marvel Japan possibly releases the 2022 release order

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They don't say for sure that this is their release order, but it does seem to be laid out chronologically. Interesting that they delayed Ms. Marvel until close to the end, considering it was originally slated to be released before Hawkeye. Also interesting that they don't have the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on there.


But if this is accurate, it looks like the plan is Moon Knight starting sometime in the next couple months, Doctor Strange on May 4, She Hulk and What If season 2 probably blanketing Thor: Love and Thunder, then Ms. Marvel ending out the D+ stuff before Black Panther.


I Am Groot is just a series of shorts, so who knows how they're going to release them.

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21 minutes ago, Brick said:


I didn't know you could read and speak Japanese. 


Oh yeah I took 日本語 in high school and even college. Sadly it was wasted and nothing became of it. :p


Also, to be fair these are English words in Katakana so it's not technically speaking Japanese :p

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20 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Pretty much in line with what I've heard... Moon Knight supposedly in March, Followed by She Hulk then Ms. Marvel on the TV side.

At least according to this (assuming it's chronological) we'll get What If season 2 before Ms. Marvel, which is kind of surprising.

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From the Moon Knight thread (Moon Knight is coming out March 30)


Assuming the Marvel Japan schedule is accurate:


Noice. If they're not starting it until the end of March (it's 6 episodes), and they also want She Hulk (10 episodes), What If (9 episodes), and Ms. Marvel (6 episodes) all out by the fall (plus the I Am Groot shorts however they decide to release those), that means it's going to a be a pretty consistent pipeline of Marvel D+ shows from April-November.


It's 31 weeks worth of episodes they have planned for 2022, assuming they don't have double-feature weeks like with Hawkeye. Once they start Moon Knight, there's only 39 weeks left in the year. So that means taking breaks of only like 2 weeks at a time between shows, on average, and that's if they go all the way to the end of the year.


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1 hour ago, Jason said:


So Deadpool+Batman? 

Nah... Deadpool is more humerous than Moon Knight or Batman. Deadpool was basically conceived as "evil Spiderman."  You mash Spiderman's personality and elements of his costume with Wolverine's power's and you get Deadpool. Not my opinion, Rob Liefeld has said this in interviews.

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