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How many people are on your "Hit List"?

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Let's say that a situation occurred where you could "eliminate" anyone in the world without risk or consequence to yourself or anyone that you cared about. 


In the event of this happy circumstance, how many people are on your theoretical "hit list" that would be removed from the human equation?  For my part, it's well into the hundreds.


And if you don't possess such a list, then what the hell is wrong with you?

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I don't really have one. I could only do it Death Note style. There was a very recent reddit video post that made me go, "You know the world would be better off if people like you (one of the people in the video) weren't in it." 


Edit: I wasn't a reddit post but a youtube video discussing the video I was initially talking about. 

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