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NFL Wild Card Weekend (2022) - Playoff Games on a Monday? Oops!


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On December 6th, during the “tornado bowl” between Buffalo and New England in Orchard Park, with 13:23 left in the third quarter the Bills punted for the very last time in 2021-22 against the Pats.  Almost 10 quarters.


The Bills 484 yards of offense against the Pats was the maximum amount of yards they could achieve during the game (other than kneel down) as they scored tds the entire field length of all their drives.


Bills were 6/7 on third down.  The only third down they didn’t convert was when Mitch kneeled at the end of the game.


Aaron Schatz, Editor-in-Chief of Football Outsiders.



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Jerome Boger and the crew that worked Saturday's wild-card game between the Raiders and Bengals are not expected to officiate again this postseason.

The inadvertent whistle gets all the attention (and surprisingly wasn't picked up in real time by the broadcast).  However, IMHO, there were a lot of other problems with how they called this game.

Good to see that they won't have the opportunity to influence any other games.

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7 hours ago, Biggie said:

@BuckFly watching his Bills last night

wwe carter GIF


To keep it balanced and fair, Bill Belichick along with Tom Brady, have beaten the Buffalo Bills more times than any coach or qb have beaten any other team in NFL history.


An all time record that may never be broken, regardless of the fact that the three greatest losses in Bill Belichick’s head coaching  career are:


September 7, 2003, to the Bills, 31-0 (31 points) (also Tom Brady’s worst lose)


January 15, 2022, Wild Card Playoffs to the Bills 47-17 (30 points)


December 28, 2020, Monday Night Football, to the Bills 38-9 (29 points)


I like to think I keep things in perspective.



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21 minutes ago, Ricofoley said:

Prescott running directly down the middle of the field with 14 seconds left was insane but I still can't get over converting a fake punt and then keeping the special teams unit on the field and getting a delay of game, lmao


Dude. Everyone should be fired including Jerry Jones and his family. 

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1 hour ago, sblfilms said:

You’re a transplant to Dallas! You could have chosen to reject being a member of that wretched fanbase!


No, I actually grew up here. Went to Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, and High School here. My family lives here. I moved here to help ease my parents into retirement (hopefully to Mexico) and in a few years I'll move abroad or NYC. 

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