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NFL Wild Card Weekend (2022) - Playoff Games on a Monday? Oops!


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          Saturday, January 15
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Las Vegas (10-7)   01:30pm PT
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Cincinnati (10-7)
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png New England (10-7)   5:15pm PT
34.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Buffalo (11-6)



   Sunday, January 16
24.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Philadelphia (9-8)    10:00am PT
33.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Tampa Bay (13-4)
21.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png San Francisco (10-7  1:30pm PT
3.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Dallas (12-5)
21.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Pittsburgh(9-7-1) 5:15pm PT
3.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Kansas City (12-5)


Monday, January 17
24.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Arizona (11-6)

              5:15pm PT


   33.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png    Los Angeles (12-5)



Six games this weekend. Some of the teams are "problem" teams, perhaps complicating match ups that one might otherwise deem easy. And who doesn't want to see 2 games with teams facing off for the 3rd time this season?

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1 minute ago, Biggie said:

They played them tough early in the regular season. Bucs 28 - Eagles 22

I didn't see the game, but Bucs had 399 yards and Eagles had 213 -- and score was 28-7 mid-way through 3rd quarter.  [Bucs also took a knee on the Phi 8-yard line after driving 67-yards to end the game.]  Is that playing them tough?


TBH, the only time I watched an Eagles game this year was vs. the Raiders (1st game without Ruggs) -- and the Eagles were trash in that game.  [Similarly, getting blown out in second half before Raiders went into running out the clock mode.]

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6 minutes ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Safety Eric Weddle is coming out of retirement to sign with the Rams for the playoffs, his agent announced Wednesday.

Don’t think I remember pulling someone out of retirement just for a playoff run. 

Me either

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Why are people still arguing about Brandon Staley's decisions on Sunday?

1)  The timeout at the end didn't have any impact.  Raiders were running anyways.

2)  They were 6/7 on 4th down.  Live by the sword, die by the sword.  You don't get the benefit of the 6 successful conversions without occasionally missing one.

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On the Bills’ 3rd possession of their December 26th game against New England they turned it over on downs.  

Other than kneel downs or the end of a first half expiration of time it is the only drive they didn’t score against the Patriots in 2 games.


Over the two games they scored 11 tds and 2 field goals, turned it over on downs once, ended the first half once, and knelt to end the game twice.  

They never punted in either game and never saw a 4th down in last night’s game.


Over the two games Josh Allen threw for 622 yards for 8 TDs and ran the ball for 127 yards.


…but the hardest one to wrap my head around is that the Bills surrendered the ball over to the Patriots only once in 2 games over 17 drives.


EDT: since December 26th, over 4 games, the Bills have punted twice.

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