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NFL Week 18 - A Historically Long Season Finally Comes To An End


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Saturday, January 8


Matchup  Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Kansas City at spacer.png Denver          1:30 PM ESPN/ABC
spacer.png Dallas at spacer.png Philadelphia 5:15 PM ESPN/ABC


Sunday, January 9


Matchup   Time (PT) TV
spacer.png Cincinnati at spacer.png Cleveland   10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Green Bay at spacer.png Detroit  10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Chicago at spacer.png Minnesota  10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Washington at spacer.png NY Giants  10:00 AM FOX
spacer.png Indianapolis at spacer.png Jacksonville  10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Pittsburgh at spacer.png Baltimore  10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png Tennessee at spacer.png Houston  10:00 AM CBS
spacer.png New Orleans at spacer.png Atlanta  1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png NY Jets at spacer.png Buffalo  1:25 PM CBS
spacer.png San Francisco at spacer.png LA Rams  1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png New England at spacer.png Miami  1:25 PM CBS
spacer.png Seattle at spacer.png Arizona  1:25 PM FOX
spacer.png Carolina at spacer.png Tampa Bay  1:25 PM CBS
spacer.png LA Chargers atspacer.png Las Vegas  5:20 PM NBC



Week 18 is here and with so many teams limping to the finish line thanks to disease and injury it makes you think was this extra game necessary? I think some teams are happy to be at the end while a small handful already seem like they're ready to go to the super bowl.

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While I think it is highly unlikely that the Jags will beat the Colts....  However, the last time the Colts won in Jacksonville was 2014 including...

2020:  Jax 24-6 win in their only win of the season against the 11-5 Colts

2019:  Jax 38-20 win as the 6-10 Jags beat the 7-9 Colts

2018:  Jax 6-0 win as the 5-11 Jags beat the 10-6 Colts

2017:  Jax 30-10 win as the 10-6 Jags beat the 4-12 Colts

2016:  Jax 30-27 win as the 3-13 Jags beat the 8-8 Colts

2015:  Jax 51-16 win as the 5-11 Jags beat the 8-8 Colts


I think it would be hilarious to see the game end in a tie after the NFL flexed it into prime time.

If the Colts lose and the Ravens win....  Then the Raiders will have clinched before the game is played.

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1 hour ago, Keyser_Soze said:


in '93 they only played 16 games and 2001 was pretty much the same just lengthened because of 9/11


This season they actually play 17 games (which is the historically long part)


Duh…forgive my brain fart, Keyser.  Posted without thinking again. 

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I could be wrong, but the Bills might be the first team in NFL history to have the number 1 defense in yards and the number defense in points and yet still have no one…nobody from that number 1 defense make the pro-bowl.


Respectfully, Keyser, go f*** yourself if you utter the word “alternate”.  


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