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++ College Football 2018 Thread - UCF The Best Team to Never Make the CFP 2 Years in a Row ++


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2 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Expect to be disappointed a lot. That's what I have observed from his work at Mississippi State. :p


I've observed taking a school with no resources and making a pretty damn decent team out of it. I love what he did at a school like that considering no one wants to go there. With resources, I'm hoping the sky's the limit in Florida.

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15 minutes ago, Biggie said:

I hope Florida does well this year. Always seems like they are up Georgia is down. And when Georgia is up Florida is down. Imagine the game this year if both are doing great!


Hell yeah. I don't even give a shit that Georgia's our rival; I told my Bulldogs friend last year who was down about not winning all of the playoffs, "Listen man, the SEC East has been irrelevant all decade; Georgia just made it relevant. And if Smart can do this with a different crop of students, then it's not a fluke. Be happy about the future!"


If Mullen does what I hope he does for Florida, we could have a very competitive SEC East and a damn championship game where we have no fucking clue who's going to win between the West and the East. Not knowing who will win the division and the championship would be really sweet and bring me back to 2008 (well, not knowing who will win the championship anyway lol).

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Franks is using his strong arm to its max this game. Trask is also looking good.


Someone brought up a good point: even when beating Kentucky, Florida could look terrible doing it despite Kentucky not being a very good team. I'll be curious if they maintain this level of play for Kentucky. 

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On 8/24/2018 at 7:57 AM, Slug said:

Let's go Pioneers! :D





I finally have a college team to root for!  Who cares if they're D3 and haven't had a winning season in over a decade?!

The school I went to doesn’t even have a football team so I just root for Stanford since my mom works for the hospital lol. 

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