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NFL Week 15 - Football Four Days a Week!


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1 hour ago, thewhyteboar said:

So the league will delay the game again so the Seahawks can get healthy right? That's how this works? Or are just some teams given a break and others are out of luck?


If last year was any indication. Sounds like you're out of luck. Be a more important team to get a delay!

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The AFC is going to be a delightful blood bath the last three weeks of the season.  


I wouldn't call this parity (although it dresses like it - but this is just a weird season), but damn if this isn't going to be an exciting finish. 


12 teams are competing for 7 spots and 9 of those teams are 8-6 or 7-7.

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54 minutes ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

I've never been so disappointed after a win.

Without Waller, the Raiders won't be able to beat a decent team.  Even with him, they may not be able to.



I feel the same about any type of run without Tre White.  My hopes sort of died when he went down.


However, there are three weeks left, you just won and you are in the middle of this right now, and just before Christmas.  


Come on, A.S., walk back from the edge a bit and enjoy it while it lasts.  If and when they are out and down then shave your head or something, but not now.  

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