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Grand KKKeebler Elf fires back against the Imbecile's criticism of his "control" of the DoJ

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1 hour ago, Amazatron said:

Republican politicians' words mean nothing to me.  I'll have to see it to believe it.



The difference is that in this one instance, the words really do matter.


One warning that Trump seems to have heeded from Congressional Republicans is not to fuck with Mueller. They have been spineless on virtually everything else, but that's one thing they have spoken up about and prevented Trump from doing what he otherwise probably would have done long ago.


Firing Sessions is nothing less than the equivalent of firing Mueller. And now some Republicans are signaling their acquiescence of that, emboldening Trump to take that drastic step. Someone like Sasse standing up and reiterating the old line that firing Sessions will result in you not getting a new AG appointed is important because just a few defections actually means something. But also, the words are important in this case because it constrains Trump.


I know what you're saying. Sasse's words aren't important, how he votes is. But in this case the words are important because it might prevent there ever having to be such a vote.


Like saying you're willing to respond with a nuclear strike so you'll never have to actually blow up the world to prove you're willing to respond with a nuclear strike

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