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You can hear me on a recent Late Show with Stephen Colbert


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So possibly interesting tidbit: the second part of Peter Jackson's interview on Get Back is supposed to play tonight, and my crowd is the crowd that you'll be hearing react.


The way it worked last week was Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett were guests Tuesday, and I believe Rosamund Pike and Peter Jackson were Wednesday. There were no recordings Wednesday, so we were the crowd for his Tuesday and Wednesday monologue and segments. However, Pike was recorded before Tuesday (which we found out at the end), and then Colbert said, "But, Lady Gaga, I can tell your right now.... was also pre-recorded. I just didn't want you to hate me the whole time. I always tell the truth... eventually." We all got a kick out of it, but the one interview we DID get was Peter Jackson, both for Wednesday's show and tonight's show.


Interesting to me that those in-person interviews were done with different crowds, but as a Beatles fan, I was happy as fuck that the interview we did get was Peter Jackson talking about Get Back.


14 hours ago, Spork3245 said:

I once started a “what chant” at a WWE PPV. Extreme Rules 2014 iirc. Good times


As someone who was there for Wrestlemania 28 (Once In a Lifetime) and the Raw after when Daniel Bryan chants and Yes! chants became more popular than ever, I wish so hard that I started "Si! Si! Si!" when Alberto Del Rio returned that night.

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