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I need MP friends on Xbox

XxEvil AshxX

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I have friends that I've been gaming with on Xbox for as long as Xbox Live has been a thing. I met them in Ghost Recon Island Thunder and we've been gaming ever since. But we're all getting up in age, and with our two standby's, Battlefield and Ghost Recon, being a shadow of their former selves, my buddies lean more toward co-op gaming nowadays than anything. They won't even download the Halo MP to play with me, and it's free.


I sit and bullshit with them all the time, but they're either already in a co-op game that's only two-player, or they're playing something I don't have access to. I get that we're in our 40's now and other shit takes priority, but one of my friends travels for work and is gone during the week and the other guy 'appears offline' 90% of the time. Even then these guys are one-game-at-a-time kind of gamers. I'm not. I play a ton of shit.


I want to run Elder Scrolls Online dungeons with people (I joined a few guilds but frankly they either expect too much or they just plain weird me out). I'm not amazing, but I'm working on my build.

I want to play Halo Infinite with a squad.

I want to do co-op races in Forza Horizon 5.

I still would like to at least finish the Back 4 Blood campaign before it leaves Game Pass.

Some Vermintide II with actual real people might be fun.


The list goes on... these are just games that I have installed currently.


I know that I have some of you on my friends list already, but I don't think we've even played together for anything yet. Most of you just watch Hulu. But if there is anyone on here interested in those games (or even better, if you're an avid fan and actually like to play often) let me know. I'm willing to give most things a shot, time and money willing.


I feel like I'm putting out a fucking personal ad (which I guess is... not... inaccurate). But damn. I used to be part of a really good group of guys but they've all fallen off over the years and I don't make friends as easily as I did back in my 20's when all this was fresh. Kinda missing that social aspect. The ironic thing is, I feel like I'm part of a really good group of guys (and girls) on here, and have been for what, 12 years now? We just don't play together.

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