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GabeN Now Has His Own Voice Pack


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Gabe Newell has come to Dota 2 in the form of a new deadpan voice pack, with lines including: "Please email me at GabeN@valvesoftware.com and let me know about your rampage". It's truly excellent.



It's far funnier than I was expecting—the trailer above is basically a sketch showing Newell rehearsing the lines (and refusing to say the number three, for obvious reasons). I think my favourite is: "This is Gabe Newell. Thanks for playing Dota 2. Double Kill."


The voice pack is included in Dota 2's The International Battle Pass, which costs $10. 25% of all sales of the Battle Pass go straight into The International prize pool, which currently sits at a whopping $25 million. You can also pay to level up the Battle Pass if you want extra rewards,


If you just want to hear the voice lines, then YouTuber DotaBoyz has put together a video of them, which you can see below. Hat tip, Gamespot.




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