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Aaron Rodgers has Covid


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  • thewhyteboar changed the title to Aaron Rodgers has Covid


4 minutes ago, thewhyteboar said:

Sounds like he lied about his vaccination status and hasn't been following the proper protocols for unvaxxed players, including mask-wearing. Does Goodell have the balls to suspend Rodgers?

I understand if you don't wanna get vaccinated. (I'm not)  But for goodness sake be safe and follow protocols. Wear a damn mask, stay away from people unless its absolutely necessary, etc.  Everyone knows the rules by now. But no way does Goodell suspend him.

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2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:



Isn't Evander Kane a bit different? Like he's got a bunch of domestic abuse allegations going on as well.

He is in the process of getting divorced and his ex-wife has chosen violence. She has alleged domestic abuse, gambling, and fake vaccination documents so far. NHL cleared him of the first two, but not the last one. 

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Apparently Rodgers just did an interview with Pat McAfee and yikes.


Stolen from reddit:



Here is some shit he said

    He gathered over 500 pages of research lmao. He is going full karen

    Ultimate decision came from medical team who he said determined the risk of an adverse reaction was worse than the risk of COVID and recovering

    trying to become a Dad and said the vaccine can cause fertility issues...

    On why he wasn't wearing a mask at pressers... "Mask wearing at a podium is "shaming" when everyone else is vaccinated"

    "Testing non vaxxed people 1x a day and vaxxed people once every 2 weeks is "not based in science""

    "No study done on the efficacy of mask when working out and potential detrimental effects of increased CO2 inhalation"

    Close contact isolation for 5 days, "not based in science"

    The media is shaming non vaxed people and is creating propaganda for getting vaxxed

    Used the word Homeopathy and stated his Drs have been at it for over a decade

    Collusion and coresion by the front office to get players vaxxed

    Quoted MLK to drive a point about unjust rules for the unvaxxed

    Referred to the league/team doctor as a 'stooge' when he came to talk about vaccination

    Direct Quote "If the vaccine is so great, how come people are still getting and spreading and unfortunately dying from COVID... if it is so safe why do the manufacturer have full immunity?"

    Rodgers Plugged Ivermectin

    Ivermectin is the "cheap off brand of the new pill moderna is making, why do people hate it? Cause trump pioneered it and there is no money to be made"



So we going with Kaaron or Qaaron?


I'd love to see that 500 pages of research released. If he believes in it and he thinks its legit, no reason to hide it, right?

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