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Trump considered revoking Obama's security clearance last year, and was talked out of it by McMaster.

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16 minutes ago, Jason said:

Do former presidents typically get security clearances upon leaving office? Because they technically don't have one while in office, having been elected to the office is considered their clearance.


As far as I know it is normally for life, precisely because they are often contacted to help out, both with advice and actual calls/visits to other countries.

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4 hours ago, Jason said:

Now Trump is a mental health expert too.





He fancy's himself a Roman Emperor asking the crowd if he should give a thumbs up or down.


I was going to say that I am surprised he hasn't done more pardons because it gives him that feeling. But I realized after he got through the list of criminal buddies that sent a message to his other criminal buddies pardoning isn't fun for Trump because it's not punitive enough.


Where's the fun in pardoning people? That's too close to helping someone!


This new toy is way more fun because he thinks it's punishment.

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How long until sitting members of Congress (read: Democrats) on intelligence committees or in leadership positions get their clearance revoked? That's the next step logically, but probably won't happen until/if Dems win a chamber of Congress. Or another president will do it, now that Pandora's box is open

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