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[now with launch trailer] Grandia & Grandia II getting remastered for Switch

XxEvil AshxX

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It's about fuggin' time we got an HD remaster of series that needed/deserved an HD remaster. While I really wish they'd get off of the Japanese circle-jerk and bring it to my Xbox, at least I'll have something to play on my Switch that I didn't already own on Wii U.


Can't wait to see that premium Nintendo MSRP!

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35 minutes ago, Xbob42 said:

Eh? Grandia 2's been on Steam since 2015, with 4k support. This is good news, though, as Grandia 1 is much harder to come by, and these are some great games. The voice acting hasn't aged so well, but whatever.


Probably means Grandia will come to steam as well now.

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43 minutes ago, dualhunter said:

My guess is Dreamcast version since the Steam page says that it supports Dreamcast VMS save files but it's not as if you're playing the Dreamcast version, it is an enhanced port. I was able to play the PC version fine but some people have had issues with crashing.


I understand that but enhanced ports based off poor source coding means you're not getting as good a port as emulation can give you based on the version that's originally better coded. Grandia II was a stark difference between Dreamcast and PS2, I remember back in the day, so it matters in this case more than most. But it sounds like everything is based on the Dreamcast version, so all is right with the world.


Edit: Also if you are a PC anniversary edition owner once the Grandia II remaster comes to Steam I believe you are automatically upgraded to that version.

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GungHo told us that Sickhead has been extremely careful with source material. The team used the SEGA Saturn release and new version side-by-side to give great care when making it.


In developing Grandia HD Collection, GungHo checked feedback and message boards to see what fans want. Because of this, they focused on the Saturn versions. The company is aware that some fans are not satisfied with PS2 versions due to elements such as the frame rate and slowdown. That’s why they focus on those issues specifically.


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4 hours ago, TheGreatGamble said:

Oh, i'm in. I absolutely love these games. 


Give me an updated Legend of Dragoon, and a straight port of Breath of Fire 1 and 2 as well


Same. It would have been nice to get Grandia III and Grandia: Parallel Trippers and Grandia Xtreme HD remasters too though. Grandia is old enough to get an HD remaster collection I think. I understand I and II are the favorites but c'mon now.

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23 hours ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

They're being real quiet on the pricing though... it's not even in the 'coming soon' section on the eShop. I really hope this one doesn't get bitten by the Nintendo tax. 


I would pay $40 for this.. maaaaybe $50. So i'm thinking it'll probably be a solid 60 bones.




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On 8/13/2019 at 2:42 PM, dualhunter said:

Grandia III is on PS3 as a PS2 Classic and while it's not a remaster it still looks and sounds better than Grandia II Anniversary Edition.


Not nearly good enough - they should capitalize on this release anyway. :p 


And Grandia III looks better but art design and style (as well as no more jaggies) go a long way with Grandia II. 

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