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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Fuck off, we're full!


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I let my sub lapse about 2 months ago and have been occupied with a lot of other games. I was hoping to get caught up so I could join the end Walker zeitgeist, but I’ll never make it now. I have 1.5 expansions to finish before that + all the interstitial stuff which takes longer than you’d think. 

But that’s ok. I’ll get to it when I get to it. Probably after December. 

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  • Bacon changed the title to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Mark Spoilers - Early Access Begins Dec 3 1AM/4am EST

So, there was dumb shit during the last few missions. Like the writers try to do the exact same thing 5 times in a row.  But fuck was this game good. Choked up a few times. Honestly, this got me pretty good. Don't click on this if you haven't beaten EW if you care about spoilers. 


Literally, the final credit in the game isn't towards any developer, but to you, and your character. You get the final credit in the credits. Made me feel amazing. 



A better reward than any item they could have given me. 


This game, by far, it is not even close, is the best Final Fantasy game ever. Well, it has the best story out of any FF game at least. It is great how personal they make it if you actual feel invested in your character and you allies. FFXIV is a one of a kind experience that you won't get from another game. You won't get it from another MMO, and you won't get it from another JRPG. 

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Yeah, it is pretty good but there are a bunch of little issues that make it clear that it was a bit rushed. I'll go into very, very vague spoilers that won't even spoil anything unless you are a mastermind. But at around level 83, there is an event we all knew would happen but maybe not at this point in time. It is something that only the main character/Warrior of Light/you encounter.  However, afterward, I feel that your allies do not act a... well you would expect a bit more of a reaction from many characters but it is kinda glossed over to continue on with the other parts of the plot. 


There are also a few times where I just think the writing wasn't great. Some unfortunately right before the final story mission. I will mark this although I'll be keeping it vague. 


There are certain events where you know things are going to be all right. Bad things are happening non-stop but you, the player, KNOW FOR A FACT it will all be OK. However, your character and allies have fallen into despair.  There is no emotional weight because you know all of it is a non-issue. People have defended this saying that it was purposefully done this way. But that just makes it worse, IMO. Your character is your avatar into this world. Your emotions often match that of your character because how your character feels is often left to you to decide. But not this time. Your character feels sad. Like they are at the end of their rope. But you know that is not the case. You don't feel what your character feels. 


And like for a game that is about the world ending, you really don't feel the kind of urgency the end of the world should be bringing. I'd say Shadowbringers is easily better than Endwalker, but Endwalker is my second favorite expansion. There are a lot of great things about EW. Maybe a bit too fan service-y at times but most of it is pretty great. It is pretty easy to ignore the missteps they made with the moment-to-moment story for the greater overall story. 


There is actually one great comparison that I and many others have made when it comes to Shadowbringers and Endwalker. But that is actually spoilers. 


Shadowbringers is to Infinity War as Endwalker is to Endgame. And there are many who, like me, prefer Infinity War over Endgame. Endgame and Endwalker also share some story issues. 


If Shadowbringers is a 10/10 Endwalker is a 9/10. And even with that lower score, the ending to this particular saga is 10/10 without a doubt. Just some of the other parts before the very end bring it down a notch, especially when you have time to think it over. Maybe if you just played it and never thought about it would be better than Shadowbingers. 

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  • Bacon changed the title to Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Fuck off, we're full!
8 hours ago, best3444 said:

@Bacon how have the visuals held up? When I was playing it it looked great but that was a few years ago.

Well, I've never thought the game looked that amazing so... I mean, the new zones do look pretty darn good considering engine and PS4 limitations. You could say there are some visually striking zones, but not due to graphical fidelity. And the lighting and shadows are still majorly flawed. Shadows have always been especially bad and EW does nothing to fix it. 

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