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Atlanta spa shooter pleads guilty, will serve four life sentences

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Robert Aaron Long is scheduled to appear in court next month for the remaining charges in Fulton County, where the district attorney said she will seek the death penalty.




Cherokee County Superior Court Chief Judge Ellen McElyea handed down the sentence for Robert Aaron Long on Tuesday, more than four months after the March 16 rampage inside Youngs Asian Massage. Delaina Ashley Yaun, 33, Paul Andre Michels, 54, Xiaojie Tan, 49, and Daoyou Feng, 44, were killed. That same day, Long is accused of fatally shooting four others at two spas in Atlanta.


The guilty plea and the sentence were part of a deal announced during the proceeding.


Long was indicted on 23 charges related to the Cherokee County shootings including malicious murder, felony murder and aggravated assault. Although the state said several of the charges will either merge or be vacated by the law, he pleaded guilty to every charge as part of an agreement.


Prosecutors recommended four life sentences without the possibility of parole, plus 35 years. McElyea agreed with the recommendation.


So he'll die in prison.

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1 hour ago, SaysWho? said:



When I see stuff like this, even though I get that many people are talking about his hold on the party, I'm reminded or what a bunch of y'all just said the other day:






The party is afraid of him and his hick supporters.  He was consistently unpopular from his start in politics to his defeat and never moved the needle very much on endorsements, but what he could do was summon an angry mob to Congress and inspire people to try and kidnap the Governor of Michigan.  They could have ripped off that band-aid by impeaching his crooked ass, but politicians aren't known for boldness.

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