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The Thread of Election (fr)Audits and other signs of the end-times

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Don't know if I have the authority to make an 'official xyz thread', but it looks like the Arizona audit insanity is spreading, so we might need one.


We've got a state senator claiming the audit's findings require that Congress 'decertify' the election and reinstate Trump.


Trump, of course, is saying the audit's preliminary findings are already proof enough that the election was stolen from him.


...All that and yet the conspiracy theorists running the 'audit' say they can't release their report yet, because they need to canvas the voters. (which may be illegal)


And yes, Republicans in other states are now thinking of also getting on the 'forensic audit' train.


Are we a banana republic or a superpower? It's hard to tell sometimes...

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Audit is close to being hauled in front of congress.

Also, the financial records released by the group doing the ‘audit’ shows that millions of dollars have been funneled into the effort by Trump-aligned dark money groups.


I think it’s becoming clear now that this is going to serve as Trump’s platform to run in 2024.  Cyber Ninjas’ ‘report’ will probably contain a lot of inconclusive innuendo designed to make the Arizona vote look rigged, which Trump will use as the jumping off point for his 2024 campaign.

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4 hours ago, SuperSpreader said:

The report detailing the findings of contractors who conducted Arizona's sham "audit" of last year's election results -- which had been expected Monday -- will be late because three of...


I also remember faking an illness when I had a big project due. 

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16 hours ago, Air_Delivery said:

They really really don't wanna show the results. 

Meanwhile random Republicans in the state are busy doing their own ‘audits’ and releasing reports claiming 170,000 fraudulent votes were cast in the election because (five people canvased, three said they voted but canvasser couldn’t find a record of it after spending a day looking)x(population of Maricopa)=170k or more ‘ghost votes’:notsure::dumpster_fire:


Harris' initial report offered just one specific example out of nearly 270,000 alleged ballot irregularities.

It claimed on the cover that an address in Goodyear, Arizona, was a “vacant lot” from which voters cast illegal ballots. But that claim was quickly debunked on Twitter by a local ABC15 reporter and county officials.

In fact, the address is a legitimate place of residence, according to Maricopa County Assessor Eddie Cook. In 2020, it housed three registered voters who cast general election ballots, according to Megan Gilbertson, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Elections Department.

After the error was pointed out, Harris released a new version of the report with a different example on the cover. But the new example, an allegedly vacant lot in Tempe, Arizona, also wasn't evidence of any foul play.

The address is vacant now but used to be a mobile home park, according to Gilbertson. In 2020, one person who cast a mail-in ballot listed it as his permanent address. He requested his ballot be sent to a temporary address elsewhere, which is legal.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that tons of people would tell you whatever you want to hear to get you off their porch.

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5 minutes ago, TyphoidHater said:


I can attest that the true believer response to this is that the full report has yet to be released 🙄

Yeah, I mean, they're just gonna cling to the bit in there about how the auditors still didn't get all of the server info they wanted

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1 hour ago, ThreePi said:

AZ Repubs: "The results of the Arizona election fraud audit will take weeks to truly comprehen... OH GOD LOOK OVER THERE ITS A GIANT CARAVAN OF IMMIGRANTS ASSAULTING THE BORDER!"


AZ Republicans: Democrats for months have been calling these auditors a joke, but now they want you to trust them just because they think Biden won?

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8 hours ago, marioandsonic said:

How are they going to move the goalposts this time?

I think the full report will say a whole bunch of the ballots showed signs of being fraudulent—weird signatures, wrong chain of custody, etc.—and that this number is within Biden’s margin of victory.


Atm, Judging from the draft, I doubt it’s much more than that.  That’s all the right will need, of course, but that sure as hell wouldn’t be a ‘gamechanger’ outside of Breitbart.


The precedent is set though—if you don’t like an election outcome, call for an audit, take forever, and throw doubt on the outcome until just before the midterms.  Regardless of the findings, you’ll have delegitimized your opponent.  Which is the point.


In other news, I want an audit of every Super Bowl not won by the Packers or the Eagles.  No way Tom Brady legitimately won all those Super Bowl trophies.

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1 hour ago, Signifyin(g)Monkey said:

A copy of what is supposed to be the official cyber ninjas support that was presented is going around—it says explicitly in its conclusions that “the election should not be certified.


Quite different than the media’s reporting, but all I can say at this point is “good luck with that.”


Yes, they're saying that they believe the voting system was hacked, but the best evidence of that is that the servers used have a log buffer that overwrites itself every like week or so. Is that totally normal? Yes, but it's OMG sus, so we think this was totally hax.


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