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Do you own a mechanical keyboard?

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Probably get crucified for saying this, but I have the blackwidow x chroma. 


Its an interesting keyboard. No overall shield over the keys, just an aluminum body. I really enjoy it, but I got it on sale for $75 bucks. 


I’ve been thinking of buying a ducky or something because I bought from hyper light drifter keys and they don’t fit my board currently.


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Corsair K70 RGB with brown switches. I don't really care about the RGB but the non-RGB had red lights and I don't like red lights. 


EDIT: Also, all keyboards I will ever own will have media controls. Literally no excuse to not have them. 

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2 hours ago, misfit410 said:


That's what I ended up buying over the Corsair keyboard I was looking at. It was cheaper, quieter, and had more extra programmable keys than the Corsair board. A no brainier really. And after spending a couple hours with it now I'm in love. I never usually go for the gimmicky lights stuff but I like how customizable it is.

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I got a K70 Lux RGB last Winter, I'm quite chuffed with it.  I was thinking of getting the brown switches, but those don't go on sale as often as the red switch ones, so I ended up with a red and I'm fine with it.  This is my first mechanical since I had a Focus 2001 20+ years ago.


I couldn't give up the LCD on my previous G19 keyboard doe, so I have it plugged in still and propped up behind my display so I can see my system stats.

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I got the Steelseries aPEXm400, which I like.  I think it also uses standard keys, so you can mod it if you like (verify that though).


I also had the Blackwidow Ultimate original and loved it.  I killed it with coffee in January and replaced it with a BW Ultimate 2016, which is good too.  That died when it got humid (it works though normally) so I keep it as a backup.


I picked up the Corsair k75 or k85, can't recall which, but didn't like the "depth" of the keys on the right side.  I can't explain it entirely, but it kind of bugged me.



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