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How many forums have you been banned from?


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Never got perma'd. Got banned from IGN on an account I was throwing away for posting porn, but that wasn't even a perma. 


Don't open if you are unaware. 


I got banned on 4chan for a day or so after posting a picture of pizza in the XIV general thread. It got a lot of replies and a janny got mad that I was posting off-topic.

The Pic



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37 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

That's the pizza from the only pizza place you go to?

No. I get pizza from three places. Casa, Milano's, and Vocelli. This was from Casa as I needed it to be delivered because I was gamin hard. 

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9 hours ago, NeoandGeo said:

Permanently: ResetEra

Temporarily:  Virtually every one except this one


Fun Fact: I was permabanned from IGN a decade ago, but oddly enough I was able to login perfectly fine about a month ago.

I think that came from a migration to a new message board system and, much like here, the need to move across user data - but not their status within the boar

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8 hours ago, BasemntDweller2 said:

IGN temporarily and perm'd on GAF for asking a question that apparently was asked too many times or something stupid. GAF sucked anyway. 

Never banned here, warned twice to chillax.

I always hated the "don't you KNOW that there have been 5 threads in the last year about that! Godddd, use our useless and/or non existent search function!" bans.

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My memory’s not too great but I think IGN, perma'd me for riling up users via trying to provoke discussions about gamergate, sexism and unchecked privilege in the gaming sphere.


Resetera also perma'd me.  The notice says it was for having two accounts. There was my main, mostly used for gaming talk, and one where I would make and defend takes like, “Joe Rogan kinda sucks but he probably isn't a nazi", "Destiny/Steven Bonnell is probably smarter at fighting bigots than most users here", “Maybe saying Cliff and Rick killing the Manson family = ‘brutally murdering rando women standing up to the Hollywood old guard’ isn’t the best read of that scene”, etc.  

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On 7/19/2021 at 4:44 PM, Raggit said:

I remember my first ban on IGN. Some guy was talking shit to me, potty mouth language and all, then the next day I'm banned. When given a reason,  the dumbass mod quoted what the guy said to me. :/


namlas once banned me for racism for saying "I hate to agree with jigs", which is how I learned "jigs" has racist connotations, I was talking about the CEB poster. It was a total drive by too, namlas didn't actually post on the CEB.

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