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Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update - reviews from OpenCritic posted


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More hands-on previews:


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is rather messy, just like its star players (Eurogamer)



There weren't really many mechanical elements on offer in this short gameplay demo of Guardians of the Galaxy that we hadn't seen before. A few environmental puzzles or obstacles had Quill either asking a teammate to open the way - sometimes you had to think to ask them twice before the story could progress - or using the elemental aspects of his guns to, for example, freeze a doorway in place. It's all pretty standard stuff, so it's a shame these exploration sequences also didn't really allow for getting to know the team better - there was some repeating dialogue and a couple of minor audio glitches. That said, it's important to note that this is still a work in progress and a project that's been worked on throughout the pandemic, so some small issues are probably to be expected.


There's definitely potential there with Guardians of the Galaxy; it's certainly done its homework as far as the comics are concerned - there's even a character bio page in the menu that delves into everyone's publication history - but the demo we played was hamstrung by pacing issues, a steep learning curve and slightly too chaotic combat, and the as-yet unconvincing chemistry of its main players. It's one thing to be dysfunctional, but we've yet to see the Guardians of the Galaxy really put the fun back in there.




Eidos Montreal upends the traditional superhero game by forcing you to rely on your teammates, and rewarding you constantly with funny lines and fun combat for doing so.



The demo ended soon after a few more big fights with various enemies, requiring changes in tactics in order to deal with each. The team finally made their way back to the ship, with the Guardians constantly bantering and joking the whole way through. Through combat, character moments between fights, and the decision points throughout the demo, it was remarkable how much Guardians of the Galaxy captures the feeling of being a member of a team--even if the rest of the team is controlled by AI.


It all suggests that Guardians of the Galaxy is a superhero game that's not going to feel like other superhero games--but it does a great job of capturing the humor, dysfunction, and camaraderie that makes the Guardians of the Galaxy such a great group of characters.




Our first hands-on with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy showed off its complex, but highly enjoyable combat.



Ultimately, I came away far more excited to play Guardians of the Galaxy than I had been prior to my time with it. There’s a surprising amount of depth on offer in both regards to combat and characterisation, with plenty of unlockables and player choice available throughout its systems. All of this while also blaring out Take on Me, The Final Countdown, or Hangin’ Tough? Sign me up.




Eidos-Montreal’s adventure shines when the bickering misfits huddle up and rally



Some technical difficulties meant I didn’t get the tutorial videos before my first playthrough. I viewed them after my first try, and now, understanding that even with a gang of five, no fight can boil down to brute strength or gear, I found Guardians of the Galaxy growing on me, challenging my ability to plan as well as execute. The slice I played was paced out with enough intrigue and humor to keep the game from feeling like it was shuttling me from one set piece to another.




The Guardians of the Galaxy game has delightful snippets of Deus Ex DNA and a unique version of these heroes - but it also plays it surprisingly safe.



Do you notice a pattern, though? Everything that’s grabbing me about this game is narrative-based. Forget the fact that these aren’t the film Guardians. They are distinct, and I’m already enjoying spending time with them, intrigued by their unique past history and what might be in their future. But when I started actually playing the game… I was left a lot less enthused.


Like I say, I suppose this matches up to much of the cinematic universe, too. There’s the rough with the smooth. I found Black Widow worth sitting through for its fun character moments even though I began to tune out as soon as the action started. I’m hoping that, with Guardians, the bits I love outweigh the bits I don’t in the same way. Eidos Monreal's Guardians of the Galaxy is clearly good. It's going to be fun, enjoyable, and I'm looking forward to playing it. I have zero doubt that I'm going to find this game superior to Avengers. But the question is... can it ascend? Can it be great? We’ll find out in October.




Having spent some time with Guardians Of The Galaxy, I'm surprised at just how many cues the combat takes from JRPGs.



All in all, while my play time didn't even reach a full Marvel film's worth of action, I came away impressed with Guardians Of The Galaxy's stream of combat tricks and managerial take on fights. You must embrace the chaos, but also learn to control it, which is definitely something a villain would say. Here's hoping Marvel and Eidos Montreal's end game is just as good.




Hands on with Guardians of the Galaxy, Square Enix's second Marvel adventure, featuring some of their most iconic heroes.



For Square Enix’s second bite of the Marvel superhero apple, there are plenty of encouraging things from my hands on time with Guardians of the Galaxy. Going off the bickering and banter, it certainly feels like an earlier adventure for the five-some, meaning there’s plenty space for them to grow as you explore the wider lore of the galaxy. And that can also be seen in the combat, as you unlock new abilities that work together in some of the trickier encounters and situations. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how the rest of their adventure plays out.




Bickering, banter and getting into trouble with the cops.



I'm surprised by how tactical the brawls can be, too. Sure, sometimes you're just beating up some goons, but even on the normal difficulty you need to think about how you're taking advantage of your team and when's the best time to deploy their abilities. It's still a fast, kinetic action romp, but you get to really feel like a leader, a tactician, where your calls can turn a slog into an effortless ballet of death.


Marvel's Avengers, which Eidos-Montreal also worked on, makes for an interesting comparison. Even though you're playing in a team of heroes, there's so little actual teamwork, especially in singleplayer, where your AI-controlled buds just do their own thing and never accept any input. Guardians of the Galaxy's fights are also infinitely more fluid, in part because even the very healthy enemies can be taken down swiftly with the right abilities, but also because the controls are so much tighter. In Avengers it feels like you're driving Captain America or Iron Man, but in Guardians you are Star Lord.


I had so much fun hanging out with the Guardians that I took the demo for a spin a second time, and that tiny bit of familiarity with the combat system did a world of good. I was flipping and flying and blowing Nova Corps goons to smithereens while sliding on my knees like a seasoned pro, and damn did it feel great. I can't wait to return next month.




We finally get our hands on the upcoming Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos-Montréal.



It’s obvious Eidos-Montréal nailed the tone of Marvel’s favorite space misfits. However, it remains to be seen how exciting combat is throughout the massive number of encounters we’re sure to have during the game’s total length. Thankfully, we’ll know the answers to any uncertainty surrounding Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in the coming weeks.




Guardians of the Galaxy seems OK. After going in with low expectations, it at least served up quasi-recognizable moments for Marvel fans.



It helped going into Guardians of the Galaxy with relatively low expectations. In trailers, I think the game looks odd. It has stilted animations and the characters look like cheap imitations of the real thing. But in context, you don’t notice those problems all that often. What you do notice is that even though it isn’t exactly a game based on a movie, it still feels like one.


Guardians of the Galaxy is doing its best to give you the thrills you’d expect from a game in that universe. And like almost every movie licensed game that I’ve ever played, it’s mostly mimicking its superior source material. And yet, I don’t know that I care. I think the game is fun enough that I’m just happy to be hanging out with these characters and doing the stuff that Guardians do.


Something like this doesn’t need to end up as a game of the year contender. It just needs to make Guardians of the Galaxy fans smile, and I came out of it smiling.




Kree whiz - Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t just wear its Mass Effect influences on its sleeve: it prances th...



It seems good, then – promising, even. But the strength of the films may still come to bite it in the butt. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the default character designs or even the snippets of script that we got to sample – but it just doesn’t feel quite up to par with the movies so far. Of course, the MCU set an outrageously high bar for Eidos Montreal to clear, and if it can keep the combat as entertaining as our demo across the entirety of its campaign, then we’re confident that it’s going to live up to spectacle of its silver screen counterparts – even if its gags likely won’t hit as hard.




Early indications suggest Eidos Montreal’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be sufficiently fun, frothy, authentic and, in certain respects, original to excite fans of the franchise Thanks to its status as the most frivolous and wacky outpost of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s a lot of excitement about Square Enix turning Guardians of the Galaxy…



It’s impossible to offer a definitive assessment of a single-player game based on playing a single chapter, but after our play-through, we have pretty high hopes for Guardians of the Galaxy. Eidos Montreal has clearly gone to great lengths to make its game impressively true to the franchise, and its vibe feels utterly authentic.


Guardians of the Galaxy is undoubtedly highly enjoyable, pleasantly amusing and utterly authentic – which immediately renders it a much more attractive proposition to MCU fans than Marvel’s Avengers. Whether it proves to be a great game or merely a good one remains to be seen.




An emphasis on narrative and relationships makes the new Marvel game work..



At this point in the creeping global takeover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most people have a clear idea of who the Guardians of the Galaxy are, at least according to James Gunn. There’s the bald dude who’s a tree, Zoe Saldana in green body paint, the other bald dude who isn’t a tree, Bradley Cooper as a raunchy raccoon, and the guy who used to be on Parks and Recreation.


This isn’t the case in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and that’s a good thing. The game introduces fresh versions of the Guardians and ensures players will get to know them, placing an active emphasis on relationship-building and teamwork, rather than running and gunning. Eidos-Montréal’s interpretation of the Milano crew is familiar but refreshing, and the characters in the game are just as charming as they are in the MCU — if not moreso.




We went hands-on with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and came away confident about the game's potential when it lands next month.



Overall, we had lots of fun playing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, even with the spotty connection hampering the combat experience a bit. By focusing squarely on single player, Eidos Montréal may well have avoided the pitfalls of their sister studio Crystal Dynamics with Marvel's Avengers, which turned out to be lacking in both single player and multiplayer departments. We're also eager to explore the rest of the game, as the B-Roll footage provided by Square Enix even featured a brief space combat section, something the developers hadn't previously mentioned at all.






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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update: multiple new hands-on previews posted
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Just now, BloodyHell said:

I mean, I usually just go to next unread topic, so I barely ever read them. In this case it was a coincidence, because I have been playing the trilogy and am blown away with how well it holds up. 


There are a lot of unread topics today. I eagerly await your response!

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update - "Cosmo Cinematic" trailer and "Zero to Hero" animated music video
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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update - new gameplay footage videos
7 hours ago, AshsToAshs said:


According to Square, there will be a "streamer mode".

I just hope it's better than Life is Strange's streamer mode where they just muted the music.


Well if the beginning of this video is any indication, the music will sound like generic metal music or something like that. (Square had a stream friendly stream and the licensed music was replaced in the stream trailers)



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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update - Behind-The-Scenes video with RTX gameplay
On 10/18/2021 at 7:05 AM, Keyser_Soze said:



On 10/18/2021 at 10:22 AM, Dre801 said:

150GB mostly to store uncompressed audio of the constant cheesy banter dialogue.


It appears that someone discovered the concept of "file compression":



The file size has nearly been slashed in half.


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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Guardians of the Galaxy (26 October 2021) - Square Enix Attempts Mass Effect Instead of Destiny, update - reviews from OpenCritic posted

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