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Forza Horizon 5 [November 9, 2021] - Information Thread, update: reviews from OpenCritic and Digitial Foundry tech analysis posted


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I have it Q’d up for download and ready to play when they allow me too. Now I just need my receiver I ordered (Denon x6700 to replace dying Marantz sr7010)  over 2.5 months to show up and then I show/brag like @BasemntDweller2 


Cant wait to see it play on my XSX + 7.2.4 Atmos + JVC 4K NX7 projector = 106” of gaming video/audio bliss. Might download it also onto my pc to see what my 2080 Super graphics card can do

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4 hours ago, best3444 said:


I'm assuming your pc is more powerful than the xsx, correct? I hope you have a good time with it. I'm going to play this down the line on my Xbox One X.  :/

Yeah it’s definitely more powerful so I’ll be able to do basically the quality mode and then some but at 60fps. <3

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Really getting back in the groove -- making sure I earn my Forzathon points for daily/weekly/monthly challenges.


In FH4, the online challenges were normally full -- but I played with really small groups last night (particularly the Arcade one).  Which made it tough to get some of them done.


My biggest regret with FH4, was that I solely focused on the single player early on, and ignored the other aspects of the game.



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21 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Yeah the character models of people aren't great. I guess they just focus on pretty cars and environments. :p


Which is odd cuz i was playing the first FH last night for fun while waiting for FH5 and all the people looked fine.


Somewhere between then and now they cranked the ugmo meter up to 11.

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Day 1 Patch [D1P] club created, in case there are any challenges or seasonal events that require it.


It uses the dash club feature, which is odd, but i guess it makes sense since you can access it outside of the game. Though i guess that means no Steam crossplay? Or even PC? I don't game on PC so not sure how integration works there.

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10 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Game looks good, sounds really good especially in cockpit mode.

Seems to have crashed a couple of times unfortunately.


Also, it KNOWS my name! :s


Are you playing on pc or did you get an xsx? Also, is you pc as powerful or more powerful than the xsx?

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