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12 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

Fb mods are conservatives


It's weird that it even got flagged for review in the first place.

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2 hours ago, Chairslinger said:



We can only assume the responding officer was named Bo L. Durr.


Two officers were dispatched, one was bold the other was bolder! :o

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On 5/3/2021 at 6:33 PM, Ricofoley said:

Love to look like a somehow even dumber version of Ben Shapiro



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40 minutes ago, Ricofoley said:

Imagine spending $1400+ to look this bad




37 minutes ago, thewhyteboar said:

Why are his pants so low! Why are there so many mutant Republicans who look like that?



Trump looks like he swallowed Cthullu and it's coming back up on him in that picture.

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5 minutes ago, Chairslinger said:




Trump looks like he swallowed Cthullu and it's coming back up on him in that picture.

Trump's FUPA is larger than several European countries. 

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Just now, thewhyteboar said:

Trump's FUPA is larger than several European countries. 


The proportions of body also makes me wonder just how extreme of lifts he is now wearing to maintain that supposed 6'3 height.


He looks like a fucking runway model in 6 inch heels.


I dunno, maybe some of it is also that he has his pants old man hiked up.


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AND 4,000,000 FREEDMEN






W. E. B. Dubois:

We have been re-writing recently the history of the United States, and the children here in Storer College and you who are larger children, and the children throughout the United States, are being taught that after all slavery was not evil; that everybody connected with it was good; that every body was trying to to do the right thing; but unfortunately the wrong thing was done; so that all we have to remember is the Right that people wanted to do and not the Wrong they did.

And I was trying to aim a blow at that lie.

I know there are people here at Storer College and round about who believe in the Lost Cause; people who suffered in the Civil War just as much those who won. Nevertheless, their cause was lost, and it ought to have been lost; and it does not make any difference what Daughters of the Confederacy say here or elsewhere, it remains eternally true that you cannot make the defense of human slavery heroic. There is no way in which you can write history so as to make it heroic.

I am not only willing to admit, but I know it to be perfectly true that the guilt was not wholly in the South. There were men in the North who invested in slavery and defended it. The great mass of the people of the North never aimed to abolish slavery. I did not say John Brown was fighting against the guilty South. I said he was fighting against a guilty nation, and the whole nation was indeed guilty.

I come to the second matter concerning which there is even more controversy. I have been reading again the last few days the history of Emancipation—what men said and what men did. As you know and as students in school ought to know, there has been a concerted effort to minimize the part which Negroes themselves took in the emancipation of slaves. Just as an attempt was recently made to praise the few Negroes of Harper’s Ferry who did nothing, so there is a wider attempt to show that after all the slaves loved slavery. Therefore I sought to emphasize, in this inscription, the fact that slaves and persons descended from slaves, fought side by side with John Brown. There were Osborne Perry Anderson, Shields Green, Dangerfield Newby, John A. Copeland, Lewis Sherrard Leary, John Anderson, and Jeremiah Anderson. Two were fugitive slaves, three were free-born sons of slaves and two were grandsons of chattels. Four of them were killed, two of them were hanged, and one escaped; and not only that, but something like seventeen other Negroes of the neighborhood were killed at the time. Thus at least seven slaves and sons of slaves fought with John Brown.

There comes now a matter which is more or less one of sentiment. “Over his crucified corpse.” I might have said “Over his corpse.” Some people have the idea that crucifixion consists in the punishment of an innocent man. That is not crucifixion. The essence of crucifixion is that men are [k]illing a criminal, that men have got to kill him; that he has got to be a criminal; and yet that the act of crucifying him is the Salvation of the World. John Brown broke the law; he killed human beings, not only here at Harper’s Ferry but in Kansas. He intended to kill human beings. That was against the law, and he deserved to have had the law executed upon him; those people who defended slavery had to execute John Brown although they knew that in killing him they were committing the greater crime. It is out of that human paradox that there comes Crucifixion.

Then again, continually we forget or try to forget the black soldiers of the Civil War. They do not march in our current textbooks. I doubt if they march in the textbooks used here at Storer College. But there were two hundred thousand black soldiers that marched in the War that emancipated the slaves and at least one authority says that without them that War could not have been won: and that authority was Abraham Lincoln.

And over that dead body of John Brown four million freedmen also marched, — singing.

I am sorry that Storer College and its trustees and its President did not have the courage to have this memorial left here. I am not sorry for myself. I know about John Brown. I am sorry for these students here and the students that are coming. Because after all it is the Truth, in the long run, that makes us free.

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