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3 hours ago, Ricofoley said:

Jeb "Please Clap" Bush is trying to start a feud with a Twitter account that rates what you can see of people's rooms when they're doing remote interviews on the news.



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7 hours ago, Jason said:

So this ActBlue link says it splits donations only between the two GA Senate candidates and Stacey Abrams' organization:


Donate now to elect Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and help Democrats take back the Senate!



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I remember the professor they heavily quote in this article (Jonathan Becker) acting as a poll observer back when I went to Bard to make sure we all got to vote in Barrytown. Amazing that they finally got an on-campus polling location. And we're 70% of the voters in the district? Holy shit.



A New York state Supreme Court judge allowed Bard College to set up a polling site on Election Day after a long legal battle. So, how did it turn out? Here


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