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Tom Perez sucks; DNC rescinds ban on accepting donations from fossil fuel companies

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Tom Perez is chair of the Democratic National Committee because wealthy centrist liberals — above all then-President Barack Obama — needed a convenient stooge to keep the party machinery out of the left's hands.


He's serving his big donor masters loyally, and in the process failing his party, the United States of America, and humanity as a whole. Most egregiously, he recently reversed a ban on the party accepting donations from fossil fuel corporations, with the limp excuse that "[w]e're not a party that punishes workers simply based on how they make ends meet." The man is an obstacle to human flourishing.


Then in April this year, it was discovered that the DNC was paying Hillary Clinton's post-campaign group Onward Together over $2 million to rent her email list and data tools — incidentally unlike Obama, who simply gave his email list to the committee in 2012.


Almost certainly because all this cynical double-dealing alienated the party's base of enthusiastic small-dollar donors, Perez's DNC has been consistently obliterated by the Republican National Committee at fundraising. The RNC raised more than twice what the DNC did in 2017, a trend that has continued throughout this year. What's more, much of those RNC donations are coming from under-$200 donors, not from the natural Republican constituency of sociopathic plutocrats. (Logically enough, leftists are sending their donations to individual campaigns instead.)


We're going to see many articles in November about the political genius of Tom Perez.

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Single 'study' for one, and just a single study at that.


For two, they said in the article that warmer water/air allows the storm to dump more water. This is a known feature of climate change. And they claim to quantify that, which is great. But the article didn't seem to indicate that warmer water/air in the ocean/atmosphere at this point is warmer due to natural variability or due to climate change.

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