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The Chrises allegedly walk away from the negotiating table for the next Star Trek film

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The problem that Star Trek is having is that it's not growing it's foreign box office. Look at the recent Mission Impossible entries: domestic openings in 50s and 60s, with totals ~200M. Overseas grosses though are approaching ~$500M. (Fallout is currently running behind, but a strong opening in China is likely to change that). Compare those to the Star Trek reboots. Openings between $60-70M, domestic totals ~$200M, but the overseas grosses are only ~$200M.


It doesn't help that Beyond underperformed (largely thanks to Into Darkness being poor).


It also probably doesn't help that Trek is so much of an ensemble, and the least profitable series that some of it's stars are involved in.



I liked Beyond quite a bit, but I wouldn't be sad to see Trek to go back to just being on TV.


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Please - they are just pushing for higher pay - and they'll get it. Pine and Hemsworth were nothing (particularly Hemsworth) when Star Trek '09 came out. Paramount probably approached them both recently for this father/son storyline with Star Trek '09 salaries offered to them and they were like: "guys, 9 years have passed, we're big shit now, pay us more". 


This isn't news . . . yet. We'll see if they really stand their ground. 

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