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Hogwarts Legacy Lead Designer Used To Run Anti-Social Justice YouTube Channel

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Troy Leavitt is a lead designer at Warner Bros. development studio Avalanche Software currently working on controversial Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy. He also ran a reactionary YouTube channel focused on attacking feminism and social justice for over a year.


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Have to say that I was definitely interested in this game. I don't think this will prevent me from getting it eventually, but I'll get it used or from a key reseller.

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This isn’t a fully formed thought, but I think it’s kinda funny that digging up dirt like this will only put more eyeballs on his opinions. Most of his YouTube videos only have a few thousand views, and a lot of his “incriminating” tweets have like 5 likes. He’s just another loser shouting into the void. There’s probably someone like that at any large company. 

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46 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

If the game is good I’m gonna play. There’s a lot more “good” people that are putting a shit load of time and effort into the making this game. 

Every time I hear about this game, im reminded of the resetera thread/poll about who would still be buying the game in light of JKR's opinions. Of cpurse it was 3 to 1 voting that they were still buying it. Then the members who don't want to support her went full on hateful against those that do plan to buy it. Yeah, thats a great way to bring people to your cause... and the inferences were crazy. "If you buy this game, you want trans people dead!"..  ummm, no, thats not how this works.

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