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2 hours ago, LazyPiranha said:

Yeah it’s pretty stupid in general, but it’s still a pretty significant step in the right direction which opens the door to legal home growing in the future.  I imagine to some extent home growing will basically become like home distilling.  Technically illegal but as long as you’re not open and obvious about it, whose going to bust you?

my cousins friend who is a cop in Ontario, kind of mentioned that too for this past summer. My street you could walk by a few houses and just know they were growing some nice plants. They weren’t cracking down on the limits in general because it wasn’t worth their time and money to do so. Plus with Covid happening, some people needed something to get through it mentally. The summer before Covid, when it was first allowed, had some drones flying over some areas looking for offenders. Didn’t hear them myself but was told they had some areas they would look at.


I tend to think legal growing will eventually come to NJ, but I wonder what kind of limits they will impose. For a brief moment, they were going to put a height limit on outdoor plants. Thankfully they nixed that as some people said they/neighbour grew a few plants over 13ft. Tallest I’ve had so far is 7ft with 6ft being my average for outdoors. Hoping to get a few trees this summer, with hopefully an early tent start before hand

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1 hour ago, Jason said:


Guys I'm not sure but I think silentbob might really like weed?

I use to be a clean boy but below you will see why I like it. Co-worker suggested it after I told him about my sleep issues and wrist pain. I’ll do a little in depth below. We just got my brother in-law to eat some homemade pot cookies to help him sleep and ease his pain from a traumatic permanent brain injury that he got on the job. So this story is brought to you by Pyramid Seeds American Pie strain I have recently toked.

So I’m 38 and have only been using for 3 years now. Yeah I like it, but I’m not shovelling pills down my throat. Ok, well, I do take pills I made of my decarbed flower but I know what’s in them. It’s also been a rough 5 years for me and the weed has helped me and the family get through a good chunk of them. Lost my dad 5 years ago to cancer. About a month after that I fucked my wrist at work big time, and no one either knew what it was or believed I was in real pain. I had lots of days where turning my steering made my wrist feel like it was repeatedly being smashed by a sludge hammer. I was smashing my arm on hard surfaces to ease my pain. The WSIB said I was permanent injury restricted to 25lbs of lifting and easy movement on twisting with my wrist. Finally found a doctor who found my issue in the third fucking image WSIB took of my wrist 3 years prior. Turns out I had popped the tendon on my wrist that held the ligament in place of my wrist. So 2 years I had surgery and I do feel better but it still no where to where I need to be for my job. So I doing random light rack deliveries, getting invoices signed and working with someone else in stores. This had me travelling from my home near Hamilton to downtown Toronto to Oshawa up to Newmarket/Bradford. To my American friends, it could be at times a shit ton of driving in my own car. I just never knew where and when I would be heading to some of these places and has given me anxiety/stress I don’t like. My employer thought over time I could rebuild my wrist to normal and get back to working usually 5-10+ tons a day in stores, but it can only go so long before the pain kicks in again. Plus I think I have arthritis in it as my grip isn’t nearly as good, wrist gets sore when it gets real cold or if it’s a really damp day. So last Tuesday on my dads 5th anniversary of his death, I drove into work in a snow storm. Only to be sat down and handed over my walking papers because of the above reasons. So I’ve been using a fair bit this past week and has kept me at a happy mellow, I take my dog for a walk everyday, and now I’m just looking for somewhere new. I got a small severance package which should help for the next 2 months but in some ways I’m kinda happier now. I’m looking for a retail opportunity that is one place of work and only that one place. No more not knowing where I’m working the next day and the day after that and the day after that. So mentally I think this change will be for the better and here’s hoping I find something that I might enjoy going to do everyday 

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