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How often do you replay your single-player games?


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Asking for a friend. @SaysWho?



For me, it has to be a really good game without too many parts that drag. I know I've replayed Sacrifice on PC at least a dozen times, I've replayed FF7 (at least up to the third chapter :p ) a bunch of times, as well as Super Mario RPG. Shorter games like Panzer Dragoon Orta and Starfox 64 I've replayed too many times to count. RPGs with a branching story are another big one, though, again, it cannot drag too often; for instance, I tried replaying Dragon Age a few times but I just could never seem to get that far into it on my replays, however, KOTOR1 on OG XBOX (and later on PC) I played through that at least 4-5 times. I've also replayed Halo 3 numerous times as well as certain missions in CE, Halo 2 and especially Reach.


Anyway, what about you guys? :sun: 

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Damn this is a good question Spork.


i haven't done a lot lately, but honestly, within the first 12 months I replayed Halo: CE 6 times.


I've replayed most of REIV, first on the game cube, then on the Wii, then on the Xbox.


it's the moments, man...it's like visiting an old friend going back down some of those same roads.


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I rarely replay games, but on the occasion, I will. Examples include:


Dungeon Master

The Witcher 2 and 3

Morrowind & Skyrim

Final Fantasy Tactics 

Crysis 3, for reasons I still don’t quite comprehend 

Metro 2033

Alan Wake

Several of the Super Mario games

Golden Axe

Streets of Rage




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Depends on the game. Some are one and done for me.


God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn were great games but once i beat them i had little desire to go back. Whereas I play the Uncharted games through seeminly every year and I cant even count my total run-throughs of the Resident Evil games.


Some just click for me.

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I'll just paste my answer from the thread that started this:


Aside from older platformers, which can be picked up and played at any time, there's been a decent handful of games I've replayed over the years: 


Silent Hill 2

Resident Evil REmake(GCN and PC)

Resident Evil 4

Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham City


Grand theft Auto IV(PS3 and PC)

GTA V(PS3 and PC)


GTA Vice City


Final Fantasy V(GBA and SNES)

Final Fantasy VI(SNES and GBA)

Bully(PS2 and PC)

The Last of Us(PS3 and PS4)


I feel like there are probably a few more, but those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head and looking quickly through my Steam collection. Most games I don't play through more than once, just because I have soooo many games and new ones are always releasing. and time is limited, especially with my other hobbies. Plus, it needs to be a while before I replay a game. I like for it to feel a tad bit fresh again.

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I do replay some games. Not all current games. I also play some HD releases. Not all games I play take a ton of hours.  The question how often I would say maybe a third of my gaming is replaying. I like to replay certain single player games more often. I play Castlevania Symphony of the Night about one every other year all the way through. Link to the Past about once every 5 years. This is all since their original release. I also would say that I play retro games 65% of my gaming. Many for the first time about 50%.

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It's hard to say.


Over the years I've picked up some favorites that I find myself replaying every once in a while. But it's a pretty short list.


Final Fantasy 7

Mario 64

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper 2

Shadow of the Collosus

R&C Going Commando


It's been a long time since I was big into playing beginning to end single player games. So not surprisingly all the games that come to mind are from a couple gens back now. I've replayed Modern Warfare 1&2 a couple times now, but I am not sure if I'll go back to them like I do Mario or FF.

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Almost never. In Dark Souls and BB I went thru about 3 play-thrus to platinum them but I haven't really gone back a beat them since. Then in some games you had to beat them first to unlock hard mode I had to play them twice. 

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This is a very excellent question. 


When I was younger, like in the NES and SNES days all the time because my mom bought the games or the allowance was only enough for a new game every so often. 


When I started earning my own money and started buying games all the time (which would become my ridiculous backlog building), I didn't play too many games over with maybe the exception of Metal Gear Solid 1. 


But over the recent years whether due to having a need to revisit an old game with my son or an HD remaster, I've been replaying quite a few games within the past couple of years. The most notable ones are:


God of War Series

Batman Arkham Series

Metal Gear Solid 4

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Gears of War Series 


Honestly the games have tight stories interwoven with great game play along with modes outside of the single player that keep these games in a healthy steady rotation in my consoles. Plus they probably have inviting and attainable trophies/achievements that I will hunt for after my initial first play thru. But these games I have probably beaten at least twice. It's not telling how many times I've beaten the first God of War and Ninja Gaiden Sigma but it never feels old when I replay them.

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Its pretty random and sporadic for me, but if I had to put a guess I'd probably say once or twice a year.


When I was younger I'd run through my favorite games once or twice a year. Anything from like N64 - Xbox 360 if I really enjoyed playing it there was a good chance that I'd play it at least twice. As I've gotten older though thats slowed down a lot. As much as I loved Nier Automata, I bought it on the xbox to take out to Cali with me for my 4 week training and I just can't dig into it at all. I've been trying to replay Metro 2033 as well to get hyped for Exodus and again, it just doesn't click.


There are some games that I will run through twice, but it just really depends.

I make some times for older games from time to time though. MMBN, FF7, OoT, just really big personal favorites I get an itch to play every once in awhile.

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It's rare that I'll replay a game more than once, mostly as we live in a gaming climate where every few months a GOTY candidate is released.  With that in mind, I'd rather play something new than re-tread old ground. 


That said, if we're talking about playing a game until completion (rather than just fancying popping in a game) I've replayed Bioshock, Gears of War 1/2/3 and Resident Evil 2 multiple times.  But they also list as some of my favourite games ever as well. 

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1 hour ago, ALIEN-gunner said:


Not true. You replay COD year after year. :]

Not true. The question asked how often do you replay your single player games. I only play COD for the multiplayer. The single player portion I never even touch. 

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Pretty frequently to almost always. 


Cheap sales and free games aside, if it’s a single player I really enjoy, I’ll almost certainly revisit it. It’s something that plagues me at times when I’m olaying a new game and it hasn’t fully clicked with me yet, I’ll think of a completed game in my library that I really loved and have to fight the urge to start a new game of that instead. 


I was actually thinking yesterday though - there might be a day coming where I’m going to have to stop buying most of the newer games I’m interested in and just get a game or two a year and play my backlog. I try to keep up and have since I’ve had the income to do so, but free time is beginning to dwindle lol. 

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Ive only ever replayed one SP game in my life and it was an accident. 


Metal Gear Solid 2. Played through the first half of the game until I got to point and it dawned on my that I remembered everything from that point forward. I had zero recollection of the opening of the game, which to this day feels bizarre. I decided to just keep going as I was doing a run to get ready for MGS4 (playing 1-3). 

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I used to do it all the time but these days I tend to have too many new games to play to bother replaying most games. I still replay some, most recently Final Fantasy and Mega Man games. It was much easier to do when the rate at which I acquired games was slower and games only took a few hours to finish instead of tens or even hundreds.


I don't necessary replay the same way or version which can be annoying with games with New Game + features. When I replayed Xenosaga III I didn't get to carry over my old save since I first played it on PS2 and then on PCSX2. I had to play FFX HD with no Al Bhed primers even though my PS2 save had them all.

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Hmmm.  Used to a lot more but some of my all time favs get the replay.  Right now I just about finished Zelda: a link to the past and I don't know how many times I've played it.  I also never sell my hard copy games even if I never plan to replay.  I've played through the Mass Effect games a few times and probably will again one day.  Same goes for Witcher 2 so I MIGHT replay Witcher 3 but I haven't even done the dlc.  I don't foresee doing any replays soon as I have not completed a few games that I own and I'll be adding to the backlog soon no doubt.  It's the tail end of the summer so 'm usually on a huge gaming break so ask me in the winter.  I'll probably be back to consuming games by the dozen!!!


Problem is I'm a slow gamer.  I like to do almost everything except the silly collectibles and even then I find most but once everything else is finished up I stop. 

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52 minutes ago, Dre801 said:

I've never done full Renegade in ME.  I'm either an angel or somewhere in between.


I find it hard to be a hard ass but it must be done!  Especially since you get new choices that you wouldn't if you sit on the fence.


41 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:


ME Renegade is much easier to take than a Dark Side run of KOTOR.

It's not like your evil.  Just a hard ass!

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