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What did you do today?

Minnesota Fatz

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5 minutes ago, Biggie said:

Okay let’s see what did I do today? Got up. Went to work. Came home. Ate dinner. Hired a whore to perform disgusting perverted sexual things to me........wait.......that’s what @best3444did today. Lmfao. 





put me in the camp as well, Biggie, of those around here who think best leads a pretty good life, if memory serves.


if his penis could talk...well, it would just be something else that he's known for.

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44 minutes ago, Minnesota Fatz said:


Tbe old Fatz left because he got outed as a child molester. 





Man, the crap I miss when I miss a few days around here.  It makes some of the responses in some of the threads you've posted in make sense...when they talk about the old Fatz.

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