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Twitter just permanently banned Trump.

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Just now, osxmatt said:


I believe it's an accessory for N64 controller.

Came packaged with Star Fox 64. I know this because when I bought the game I was so stoked for it.... that I put it in my pocket and took it with me when I went to the movies.... to watch Batman & Robin. 

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2 minutes ago, Ricofoley said:

Seems like this is now a coordinated effort by tech sites to get rid of as much right-wing brain poison as they can. Better late than never, I guess!


I imagine they've been wanting to seem balanced, an insurrection helped make things a little more clear.

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2 minutes ago, CayceG said:

Look, I'm sure we've all evaded a forum ban or two in our lives. Trump's just catching up to us. 


I'm pretty sure I've never been caught evading a ban though. :p

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