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Week 16 means playoffs are right around the corner, here are some scenarios:


Kansas City Chiefs: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye

  • With a win
  • A Steelers or Bills loss


Green Bay Packers: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye

  • If Seahawks lose
  • If Green Bay wins
  • If Green Bay beats the bears next week


AFC South champion

  • Titans will win the division if they beat Green Bay and Indianapolis loses at Pittsburgh


AFC North

  • Steelers have clinched a spot but not the division


Wild Card

Depending how AFC North shakes out - Steelers are a lock for the playoffs. Browns need to win and for 1 team (Ravens, Dolphins or Colts) to lose to clinch. Raiders need a lot of things to happen.


NFC West champion

  • Seattle wins and they clinch


NFC East Champion

  • Washington Football Team clinches with a win and Giants loss


NFC South Champion

  • Saints have clinched


Wild Card

  • Buccaneers get a wild card if they beat the Lions (TB12 back in the playoffs?)
  • Rams get a wild card if they win. If the Rams lose they get in with a Bears loss or if the Cardinals beat the 49ers
  • Cardinals clinch a spot if they win and Bears lose
  • Bears need to win out and have the Cardinals lose once to get a wild card spot
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11 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Well @BuckFly is going to bed happy tonight.


11 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

@BuckFly that MVP bet is making a comeback


Manny, I will stress this again, I did not say he should be the mvp.  He is not the mvp. Should he be in the convo? Sure. However, he was still getting underrated by still too many in the media and Madden.


He likely won’t play again until the playoffs.  So the tale of the tap:  4,738 total yards (Edit: 4,750 - his 12 yard TD reception), 43 total tds (still second just to Rodgers, I believe Edit: Rodgers 47, Allen 43, Wilson 40, Mahomes 40), 12-3 in 15 games, 8-1 in the last nine and would be 9 straight save for the Hail Mary. 

Maybe not so much more of the likes of Jones, Wright, Bayless and a couple of others responding with “AND?!”, because it really begins to border on incredulity.

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