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Saudi Arabia's state media goes full "September 11" in escalating diplomatic fight with Canada

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Mac: What do we need a mattress for?

Dennis Reynolds: What do you mean what do we need a mattress for? Why in the hell do you think we just spent all that money on a boat? The whole purpose of buying the boat in the first place was to get the ladies nice and tipsy topside so we can take 'em to a nice comfortable place below deck and, you know, they can't refuse, because of the implication.

Mac: Oh, uh... okay. You had me going there for the first part, the second half kinda threw me.

Dennis Reynolds: Well dude, dude, think about it: she's out in the middle of nowhere with some dude she barely knows. You know, she looks around and what does she see? Nothin' but open ocean. "Ahh, there's nowhere for me to run. What am I gonna do, say 'no'?"

Mac: Okay. That... that seems really dark.

Dennis Reynolds: Nah, no it's not dark. You're misunderstanding me, bro.

Mac: I'm-I think I am.

Dennis Reynolds: Yeah, you are, because if the girl said "no" then the answer obviously is "no"...

Mac: No, right.

Dennis Reynolds: But the thing is she's not gonna say "no", she would never say "no" because of the implication.

Mac: ...Now you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. Wha-what implication?

Dennis Reynolds: The implication that things might go wrong for her if she refuses to sleep with me. Now, not that things are gonna go wrong for her but she's thinkin' that they will.

Mac: But it sounds like she doesn't wanna have sex with you...

Dennis Reynolds: Why aren't you understanding this? She-she doesn't know if she wants to have sex with me. That's not the issue...

Mac: Are you gonna hurt women?

Dennis Reynolds: I'm not gonna hurt these women! Why would I ever hurt these women? I feel like you're not getting this at all!

Mac: I'm not getting it.

Dennis Reynolds: Goddamn.

[notices woman staring at them]

Dennis Reynolds: Well don't you look at me like that, you certainly wouldn't be in any danger.

Mac: So they are in danger!

Dennis Reynolds: No one's in any danger!


Dennis is KSA

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39 minutes ago, finaljedi said:

I'm really starting to think Twitter might be the worst thing to ever hit the Internet, it lets countries and Presidents be complete idiots without filter.


Or it's exactly the tool we need to see the truth: idiots are running these countries and we need to get the right people in.

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