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COD Black Ops 4 beta


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52 minutes ago, ALIEN-gunner said:

No, but from watching others play it on Youtube it looks pretty good.

It’s fast. Lots of sliding but no wall riding. You can jump high off things like cars or other structures but you have to be running first to use them as a spring board.  Sound effects are amazing. The guns sound so damn good. 

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40 minutes ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

Does it feel more like BlOps 2 or 3. 


I wanna try it, but do not want to have to preorder for the privilege. 

Three. Right now it’s private but probably closer to release date in October it’ll be open. 

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1 hour ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

I watched a video of it and it looked like the sliding is gonna be this year's spam button. Even in the beta, the guy playing was fucking sliding everywhere to get around and it was irritating to watch.

Sliding is a big part of it. Either you love it or hate it.  I love it. Much better than boots on the ground. 

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While the basic gameplay looks alright what's absolute trash is that this game has no single player content and looks like it was cobbled together in 6 months after Treyach had to cancel the story mode. There's no way this game took 3 years to make. Even worse Activision is charging full price with an all or nothing $50 DLC pack. I'll be waiting for a deep sale. 

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