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"Nobel Peace Prize Curse" strikes again: Ethiopian PM ignores calls for mediation and launches military offensive against regional government

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No sign of a lull in fighting that has reportedly killed hundreds of people over the past week.




As many as 200,000 refugees could pour into Sudan while fleeing the deadly conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, officials say, as more than 8,000 people have already crossed the border.


Communications remain almost completely severed with the Tigray region a week after Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced a military offensive in response to an alleged attack by regional forces.


He insisted there will be no negotiations with a regional government he considers illegal until its ruling “clique” is arrested and its well-stocked arsenal is destroyed.


The United Kingdom and the African Union have urged Abiy for an immediate de-escalation as the conflict threatens to destabilise the strategic but vulnerable Horn of Africa region.


Abiy is not listening to requests for mediation, diplomats and security officials in East Africa have said. “We won’t rest till this junta is brought to justice,” Abiy wrote on Twitter late on Tuesday.



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I'd say it's as much a function of that as it is giving a peace prize to a person engaged in a historied conflict is likely to actually add to the instability of the relationship between those parties. 

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Yep - things are going swimmingly.



"We don't negotiate with criminals," a senior aide to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tells the BBC.




‘No mercy’ ultimatum stokes international concerns as conflict enters third week


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