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Found 1 result

  1. In case anyone hasn't been following this, here's a recap at ERA: https://www.resetera.com/threads/12-boys-and-soccer-coach-stuck-in-thailand-cave-update-rescue-operation-ongoing-6-boys-out.51546/ Basically, they entered a cave 11 days ago on foot, and there was a flash flood. They went further into the cave to avoid rising waters, leaving them with only a pocket of air. Over the past week Thai officials have had divers string through cables and air and food. The initial plan was to leave them in the cave until September, but huge rainstorms have started, forcing their hand. 10 hours ago 18 professional divers entered the cave (5 Thai, 13 international) to rescue the boys. It is an 11-good round trip through the submerged tunnels, with some passages being as narrow as only 2-feet across. None of the boys know how to swim, so divers have been showing them how to use masks and flippers over the past week in preparation. Elon Musk actually designed a kevlar bubble coated in Teflon that could be used to take them out, but it would have taken until tomorrow to get it there, and the operation needed to start today, or they would drown. However, he did send engineers that have been working on site. Industrial pumps have been used to keep the water from rising further, but can only do so much. When they were shut down for an hour, the water level rose by 30cm. However, today they announced that they've dropped the level by 30cm from its peak, so the boys may be able to hold their heads above water for much of the 3km-journey. We should be hearing news very shortly of the operation is succeeding or not.
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