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  1. See, I have waaaaay too many games. I'm also a sucker for buying more games. As a result my backlog of tabletop games actually exceeds my video game backlog at this point, which is saying something. In any case, yesterday me & my gaming pals decided to do a Beermosa & Gaming Brunch for St. Paddy's Day which finally gave me the chance to bring Blood Rage to the table! The idea behind Blood Rage is that it's Ragnarok; the end of the world. There's no stopping it. There's no heroic saving of anyone or anything. It's over. The gods are waging war and all us little guys are going down with 'em. So what else to do but to have your clan go out in the bloodiest blaze of glory you can?! Pillage, fight, kill and die to earn yourself VIP seats in Valhalla before the world ends! Let's open this bad boy up! I've heard good things and it's an Eric Lang game so I have high hopes. Tight packing makes me worry about repacking the punched version, but we'll make it work. :P Ready to play! Super fun. I'm kind of sad I didn't get this to the table sooner. Pretty straightforward ruleset, with a deep amount of strategy once you get into the meat of things. Our first game we played very sub optimally as we figured things out. But game 2, once everyone knew what they were doing, was super competitive and came down to the wire. There is a bit of randomization to the game which I'm normally not a fan of, but in this case it mostly relates to the setup of the board and of each new round and serves to keep each playthrough unique (versus something like rolling a die to resolve combat). It works really well and can force you to rethink your strategy from round to round. Also I love draft mechanics and each round (age) you draft "Gods' Gifts" to your clan which give you strength in battle, trickery to steal resources from your opponent clans, and quests to win you more glory. Overall this was super fun. This is a new shelf staple for me. Great times. And because I'm already late to the party on this one I've already got a bunch of expansions to get once we've exhausted the base game!
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