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About Me

  1. I really want to know how they're going to explain her powers in this new series. With Disney/Marvel sidelining AoS to a pruned timeline, there are no other inuhumans in the sacred timeline. Also, it didn't really look like her typical inhuman powers in this trailer.
  2. Showtime has placed a 10 episode order for a Halo TV series from Awake creator Kyle Killen and Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt. For now we don't know much more than that. I'm very surprised that this is happening. I feel like Halo has lost some of it's cultural relevance, and this is likely to be an expensive show. Still, there' s absolutely potential there, and I'll be excited to see how it turns out.
  3. Directed by Jonathan Nolan ‘Fallout’: Kilter Films’ TV Series Based On Games Moving Forward At Prime Video With Jonathan Nolan Directing DEADLINE.COM Amazon Prime Video's series adaptation of Fallout, from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's Kilter Films, is coming together. Nolan is a great writer and I know he's a HUGE gamer so this could be good.
  4. Also, I am a HUGE Matty Matheson fan, so between him & the lead alongside the premise of kitchen life & being in Chicago, I am all about this show!
  5. The show premieres April 18th w/ the first 2 of 13 episodes to air. The following 5 eps will air weekly & then go on hiatus until July 11th at which time the final 6 shall air.
  6. 'Caillou' seeking a comeback with computer-generated animation reboot WWW.CP24.COM He may be "just a kid who's four," but Caillou is making a comeback.
  7. Might as well start it off with this thread ? what have you guys watched while the boards boards have been down? me: Rampage 2.5/5 Logan 5/5 Flower 3.5/5 Set It Up 4/5 (seriously, this was an actual good romcom)
  8. A banned episode of Sesame Street from the 70s featuring the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz was found. The episode was only shown once before being banned for being “too scary” for kids.
  9. ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Sequel Series in Development at HBO (Exclusive) WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM Kit Harington is attached to reprise his fan-favorite role in the first potential 'Thrones' project to take place after the events in the original series.
  10. If you haven’t watched yet on Netflix, I highly recommend doing so. Not your typical superhero show as everyone is just mentally fucked up one way or another. Great cast and some pretty good VFX too, especially for Pogo. Hopefully Netflix will announce a 2nd season being picked up soon. Also cool to see local spots near me being used in the show. The big action scene in the 2nd episode was a Target store I use to service with Pepsi before Target went belly up. Just go and watch already
  11. 'What We Do in The Shadows' Season 4 Release Date Set for July COLLIDER.COM Season 3 left things on a pretty serious cliffhanger.
  12. Netflix Announces 4 New Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM The controversial comic will host and produce four comedy specials focusing on other veteran comedians. Cancel culture is out of control, we must keep Dave in our thoughts as he produces and hosts these specials for millions of dollars 🙏
  13. Anyone watching this? First 2 episodes came out last Friday, it's pretty good. I keep calling it Old Man Bourne, but it's not exactly that. Give it a try.
  14. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/star-trek-pike-spock-series-set-at-cbs-all-access-1294704
  15. Was kind of excite because of the Illya Kuvshinov designs but kind of not excite because it was just a 3D render of his design.
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