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Found 5 results

  1. Apple’s app tracking policy reportedly cost social media platforms nearly $10 billion - The Verge WWW.THEVERGE.COM
  2. In an interview with Fox News about social media "fact-checking", the self-admitted heroin fiend, scat porn addict, and child murderer slit open the throat of an adorable baby lamb and drank the creature's warm blood before smearing it on his face while declaring himself to be the final incarnation of Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of war and genocide. He concluded the interview by performing oral sex on an aged homeless man.
  3. Okay, this isn't a request to watch my Youtube format. You don't even have to look at my page in order to address the question. But here goes: For a number of years, I've had a Youtube channel that kind of focused on a bunch of different topics (started off on gaming, then turned to politics, and then turned to techniques on becoming a better writer). It's kind of gone all over the place. For about a year or so, I just sort of abandoned it because it never gained much traction (it actually had more than I thought it did cause I didn't understand the Youtube ecosystem back then), and it just grew cobwebs. Then, recently because of the whole Coronavirus thing, I had to put all of my educational content online. This required me to tape all of my lectures and then put them on Youtube where I could link them for my classes so they would have content. Strangely enough, I had started teaching political science again (even though I'm actually officially a communications instructor...having the doctorate in political science forced me into having to pick up political science courses, and those happened to be the ones I was teaching when the virus took hold...just a strange coincidence). So, that caused me to start opening up my channel again. And I started posting a lot of content. Well, this got me to starting to play with my content again, and I've now focused a bit on creative writing again (although also forced to focus on politics because I still have to develop content for my classes). So, after that word salad, my question: I'm trying to figure out what to do with this channel going forward, because after all of this recording, I've actually started to really enjoy making videos again. I made two very recent ones (aside from lecture material) on creative writing, and I just found that the creative process is telling me to just keep doing more. Which begs the question: What should I start focusing my content on being going forward? Writing process is something I love to discuss, but at the same time it gets really tedious to keep going over that kind of information. Part of me wants to g into political discourse, but then again, I really don't want to alienate any listeners, which is something I have to seriously avoid doing when actually teaching college courses. Can't exactly become a die-hard Republican or Democrat when that starts to affect students who begin to start to see all sorts of shadows in practically every lesson, even if none were intended. But the audience is growing. The channel originally had about 100 subscribers, which is funny because most of the Youtube how'to's on developing your channel all seem to have the subject of "How to Grow Your Channel to Your First 100 Subscribers", so we're already past that. It has 121 as of today, as a few people have joined over the last few days. So, the question, going back to that again, is if you were somewhat in the same boat, which direction would go with your channel? For those interested, and like I said, this isn't designed to be a "look at my site" thing, but more for background, the site is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCncbB4jWz0QEuAAvqtHRSwQ At least I think that links to it.
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