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Found 12 results

  1. Turkey has concluded that Jamal Khashoggi, a prominent journalist from Saudi Arabia, was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul earlier this week by a Saudi team sent “specifically for the murder,” two people with knowledge of the probe said Saturday. Turkish investigators believe a 15-member team “came from Saudi Arabia. It was a preplanned murder,” said one of the people.
  2. Yemen war: US 'to end support' for offensive operations WWW.BBC.COM The US has been backing a Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels in the six-year war. Now, if only it involved a complete diplomatic isolation of Saudi Arabia.
  3. According to a ResetEra user who has found an article about it, SNK has been bought by Electronic Gaming Development Company, a Saudi Arabian company funded by the Crown Prince [단독]사우디 왕세자, ‘킹오파 개발사’ SNK 인수한다 WWW.BLOTER.NET 사우디아라비아의 '모하메드 빈 살만 빈 압둘아지즈 알-사우드' 왕세자가 '킹 오브 파이터즈(KOF)' 개발사 SNK를 인수한다. SNK 인수가는 약 2100억원에 달하며 내년 1월 모든 인수 절차가 마무리될 예정이다. SNK 인수한 '오일머니' 정체는? 26일 SNK는 사우디아라비아의 게임사인 '일렉트로닉 게이밍 디벨롭먼트 컴퍼니(EGDC)'와 최대주주 변경을 수반하는 주식 양수도 계약을 체결했다고 공시했다. 이를 통해 EGDC가 사들이는 SNK 주식은... SNK Has Apparently Been Purchased By Th
  4. The Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos had his mobile phone “hacked” in 2018 after receiving a WhatsApp message that had apparently been sent from the personal account of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, sources have told the Guardian. Jake Tapper kinda/sorta grew a spine today:
  5. BBC News - Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-49699429 For Allah's sake, attack the royal palace so the world can be rid of the House of Saud!
  6. Let's all take the time to remember that the dearly departed John "Maverick" McCain gave his full-throated support to the Saudi coalition in this war.
  7. Top Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked a small group of businessmen last year about using private companies to assassinate Iranian enemies of the kingdom, according to three people familiar with the discussions.
  8. The day before the bodies were discovered, their mother told detectives that she had received a call from an official at the Saudi Arabian embassy, ordering the family to leave the US because her daughters had applied for political asylum
  9. Turks and Saudis have been enemies for centuries. Now the Khashoggi investigation has rekindled their fierce rivalry—and may upend the politics of the Middle East Two centuries ago, in the fall of 1818, the Saudi monarch was brought to Istanbul in chains. He was displayed in a cage to the cheering crowds outside the Hagia Sophia mosque, and then, amid celebratory fireworks, his head was chopped off. After the deposed Saudi monarch was beheaded outside the Hagia Sophia, his body was propped up in public for three days with his severed head under his arm. (As for the Wahhabi imam, he was s
  10. Saudi Arabia's state media on Monday tweeted a graphic appearing to show an Air Canada airliner heading toward the Toronto skyline in a way that recalled the September 11, 2001, terrorist hijackings of airliners that struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.
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