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Found 3 results

  1. M.O.B.A. Network acquires ResetEra.com - one of the world's largest gaming forums NEWS.CISION.COM M.O.B.A. Network has today acquired ResetEra.com, one of the world's largest gaming forum and
  2. In my capacity as the Exalted General Secretary of DayOnePatch.com (the #1 site on the internet and you can't prove me otherwise), I'd like to take some time to welcome our new and returning members from ResetERA who've decided to check us out due to recent events over there. So, let's give a warm D1P welcome to: First-Timers: @Anelk @Bill Gaitas @arnehelst @Patatat @FiveSide @SleezyBigSlim @aett @Megatherium @Cheerwine Returners: @Vanillalite @Enterprise1701 For a bit of history, D1P was first known as BadCartridge.com which was formed in December 2010 by a community who broke off from the IGN boards. The site was eventually renamed DayOnePatch and has remained that way ever since. During that time, we had some database..."issues"...that reared their ugly head from time-to-time, most notably during the implosion of NeoGAF that gave birth to ResetERA. We had several NeoGAF refugees come to D1P (like @Enterprise1701) during the interim time between NeoGAF and ResetERA, but most decided to remain with ResetERA due to D1P's technical instability during that period. Of course, because we have incredibly bad luck, we suffered ANOTHER database corruption situation in 2018 which resulted in us effectively having to REBOOT THE ENTIRE SITE BECAUSE EVERYTHING WAS LOST. Fortunately, I managed to salvage the Member roster which enabled me to at least re-create the profiles of the vast majority of active posters. Except for you @Vanillalite - I didn't bother to recreate yours because you hadn't posted in years Thankfully, we completely reconfigured the technical side of the site and we haven't had any significant issues since then. Culturally speaking, this site is a very different environment than ResetERA largely because we're very much an "older" audience so moderation is very light compared to over there. Even though I am the sole owner/operator, I'm not Evilore or Cerium - there is absolutely zero monetization or revenue stream for this site. There are no ads, there are no membership levels, there is nothing of the sort. This is our community that has been together in one form or another for well over a decade and while we will naturally have our disagreements, we're still here So, welcome to the site and have fun!
  3. You know how we're kinda/sorta doing "information" threads for games that compile stuff like previews, trailers, gameplay videos into one place? Well, I posted a couple of similar threads over there and it appears to have caught on with other ERA posters. Should I sue?
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