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  1. I've been playing Origami King for awhile now and really loving it. I was initially turned off after finding out that yet again, Paper Mario would have meaningless battles, lack of party members, and little in the way of equipment/item management. Basically all the gameplay tropes of a standard JRPG that Nintendo has abandoned since TTYD. But now after completing half of the game so far, I'm not so sure I want traditional JRPG mechanics in this. It's actually kind of a relief knowing there isn't some arbitrary experience level you need to be at determined by the amount of enemies defeated, in order to beat the game. I can go through the game, avoid every enemy, and be just as prepared for every boss had I defeated everything along the way. With that said, I don't think Nintendo can get away with this in every situation, as evident by previous Paper Mario entries. Origami King fortunately has a fantastic battle system which is crucial. Every encounter has a unique puzzle to solve, and it's really engaging. Sure, you start to notice patterns pretty quickly and can solve the puzzles pretty fast as you progress, but bosses are always a blast and reversing the battle system is brilliant. I'd still like to see them attempt this kind of puzzle battle system while also keeping a cast of party members. And I do think they can implement a better equipment system, but overall this is a great step in the right direction. So anyway, this got me thinking. I think I'd love a standard JRPG, but with experience-less battles. For a lot of JRPGs, regular battles become more about the grind to progress the story than anything else. If you're not at the level the game expects you for a boss, it's going to be a frustrating experience. Whereas taking out the necessity to do battle along the way can reduce the monotony that often comes with JRPGs. Even the best ones. So what do you think? Are you on board with more Paper Mario's like this? Would you want a traditional JRPG to have meaningless battles if the battle system mechanic was rewarding in it's own way?
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