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Found 3 results

  1. From Civilization to Stellaris, how strategy games struggle against player power | PCGamesN WWW.PCGAMESN.COM Getting the endgame right is complicated
  2. Paradox reflects on over three years of development, and looks forward to Korea and Raiders of the Lost Ark Paradox’s World War II grand strategy game, Hearts of Iron IV, turns three years old today. If it had released on the day the war started, we’d be deep into the Battle of Stalingrad by now. And it hasn’t always been smooth terrain for its thousands of simulated tanks and half-tracks to cross. But despite a few setbacks, the team behind Hearts of Iron is still revving to make it bigger and better. This one's for you @Zaku3
  3. The full Obsidian interview – building worlds and Pillars of Eternity’s future What makes Obsidian the leading studio in the world for, well, worlds? The beloved RPG developer has built a reputation for creating distant lands so coherent and evocative you start to believe in them more than your own childhood memories. The full Chris Avellone interview: Baldur’s Gate 3, Fallout: Van Buren, and the failings of Pillars of Eternity Much has been made of Chris Avellone’s way with a companion character; his ability to squeeze philosophy into a dialogue box. But to my mind, too few have been able to appreciate his writing in another medium. Which is to say: Chris Avellone writes an absolutely lovely email.
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