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  1. Googling it has me confused. Was this game enhanced for the XSX? If so, what aspects?
  2. 2022 begins! I just got impatient and figured @Commissar SFLUFAN was busy so I'm making 2022. This is just where you post which games you've completed this year and comment on/critique them. I just finished another playthrough of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Fun factor alone makes R&C games a joy to revisit, though I played so many R&C games last year that I think I'm good for a while. 2022 Games Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  3. This can be the new "what are you playing this weekend" thread. Lately, I've been completely absorbed in Persona 5. It's amazing. I played 10 hours when it first released, quit for over a year, now I'm back at it, hardcore. Just completed the 4th palace last night. I absolutely adore the mix of traditional turn-based RPG play and social simulation. I'm over 40 hours in and still have a looong way to go, but I'm enjoying the ride quite a bit.
  4. I was playing Dying Light today and saw my nephew was playing NBA 2K23. So I texted him asking how it was and he said minus the absolute garbage micro transactions the game is impressive. I said cool and then proceeded to play Dying Light. 3 minutes later I get a message on my Xbox that I had a message. Sure enough he straight out gifted me the game. I only played 2 games so far with one being the 96 Bulls vs the 2016 Warriors. Mike took over in the 2nd half and I won the game. It’s impressive visually and the gameplay has been improved a lot since I last played a 2K game. Ok, that is all.
  5. Grabbed this from PS+ game of the month (thanks @skillzdadirecta @Zaku3 @Commissar SFLUFAN for point this out in the BF2042 thread). At first I was on the fence, but I think Im rightfully hooked on it now. This game is hard AF, but its so rewarding when you play it properly. The key is to play with a good squad w/ good communication, its world of difference in this game. The game was originally for PC and its evident in the wonky controller design. I really am hoping that they patch in the ability to customize controls in a future patch. The game is cross-play so if there are any D1Pers that want to squad-up, LMK!
  6. Kyle Bosman is creating episodes of Delayed Input | Patreon WWW.PATREON.COM Become a patron of Kyle Bosman today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.
  7. Definitely one of the weirder / more intriguing games of the Nintendo Direct. Count me as interested.
  8. I haven't seen a thread dedicated to the retro-FPS resurgence so I figured it would be good to highlight some of the amazing games in this genre from recent years. I haven't played most of these, and the majority are PC-only at the moment. Many will hopefully get good console ports down the line. Project Warlock (2018) Available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch Ion Fury (2019) Available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch (note - the developers were chastised for including two homophobic references in the game. One was unintentional and was removed, while another was left alone after a protracted online battle over "censorship".) DUSK (2018) Available on Steam, Switch port forthcoming Amid Evil (2019) Available on Steam, Switch port forthcoming Prodeus (2021) Available on Steam via Early Access, ports for Xbox, Playstation, and Switch forthcoming ULTRAKILL (2021) Available on Steam via Early Access There are lots more, though many are yet to be released and are still Early Access titles. The recent Doom and Wolfenstein games also fit this category, but are widely known AAA efforts and so I didn't think they need to be highlighted. The Flying Wild Hog games (Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior) also fit. What is missing? What have you played that you really enjoyed?
  9. As someone who genuinely enjoys watching/listening to the deconstruction/critical analysis of video games, I figured it was time we had a thread where we could post any channels that we subscribe to so that other posters will know about them. I'll post those that I'm familiar with along with a video as a sample of their style/content: Noclip (documentary) Matthewmatosis (commentary/analysis) MrBtongue (commentary/analysis) GVMERS (documentary) MisterCaption/Caption (analysis/critique) Super Bunnyhop (analysis/commentary) Gameumentary/Gameumentary on Escapist Magazine (documentary) Joseph Anderson (analysis/critique) Noah Caldwell-Gervais (analysis/critique) NeverKnowsBest (analysis/critique) hbomberguy (analysis/critique) Gaming Historian (documentary) Downward Thrust (commentary/analysis)
  10. Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Kingdom Hearts of life-sim games WWW.POLYGON.COM Garden, cook, and dress up with a Disney and Pixar cast We’re particularly proud of the game’s expansive, engrossing, story-driven campaign. The Disney and Pixar characters you meet have their own unique individualized story arcs and friendship goals, both of which you can fulfill through exploration, gift-giving, and other fun activities where you’ll get to know your friends in new ways. Your days will be filled with everything from whipping up delectable Disney-themed desserts in your village restaurant alongside Remy from Disney and Pixar’s Ratatouille, using your latest catch from your time at the fishing hole with Goofy, as well as vegetables you planted and harvested from Wall-E’s garden patch. As you help your new friends, you will gradually begin to remove the night thorns around Dreamlight Valley with the power of your inner magic resulting in new areas with new characters opening up for you to explore. Best of all, we’ll be regularly updating the game with more content, including activities that coincide with new Disney and Pixar movies and events. Free to play as you probably expected. Not mobile though, PC, switch, ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series.
  11. The holidays yielded many PSN/Nintendo eShop cards, as well as plenty of Amazon gift cards, so I've been on a bit of a tear. Within the last few weeks I've purchased... KOTOR (Switch) Ghost of Tsushima (PS5) Hitman 3 + Hitman 1 & 2 Access Passes (PS5) Metroid Dread (Switch)
  12. Figured we needed a thread where we can come together to complain... er... um.. chat about all things Destiny 2.
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