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Found 6 results

  1. If you recall a couple of years ago around the time of DOOM Eternal's release, there was a bit of hubbub over the audio quality (or lack thereof) of the game's soundtrack. It was eventually revealed by Mick that he wasn't responsible for mixing most of the tracks and he publicly stated that he doubted that he would ever with id/Bethesda again after having collaborated with them on the two DOOM titles, the two Wolfenstein titles, and Prey. About a month later, Marty Stratton (the game's executive producer) posted an open letter on Reddit where he claimed that Mick was "unreliable" and "difficult to work with" after missing a couple of deadlines for the delivery of the soundtrack and that id/Bethesda wouldn't be working with Mick going forward. Today, Mick released his own (very lengthy, very detailed, and very interesting) open letter in which he claims Stratton lied about the events surrounding the DOOM Eternal OST in that Reddit post from 2020 and that Stratton offered him a "six-figure sum" to never speak about it again - an offer that Mick apparently declined. My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal | by Mick Gordon | Nov, 2022 | Medium MEDIUM.COM This statement is issued in response to id Software Studio Director Marty Stratton’s “DOOM Eternal OST Open Letter”, published on Reddit. According to Mick: The open letter is definitely worth a read in its insight into an aspect of the game industry's "sausage making" process, just as long as you keep in mind that it is in no way intended to present an unbiased, objective viewpoint of the situation.
  2. Game Informer Article Looks like footage is hitting at noon ET today for those into the reboot franchise. My guess is that it'll be basically more of the same in a way that the original Doom II was, maybe some minor improvements? What's your prediction?
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