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  1. So i'm building a bartop (n64 cart for scale). It took a while to convince the wife on this one but I finally got the go a head a few weeks back and the wood kit arrived on monday. It will probably take me a few weeks/month to ultimately build this thing out but I thought it would be fun to post progress reports here as I go since I know a few have asked from time to time how to build a SuperGun (and in a way this will be pretty damn close to one). So to kick things off, going to do a bit of Q & A. Q: What kit did you buy? A: It's the JAMMArCADE 2P wood kit sold by http://www.retrobuiltgames.com/ best known for the Porta-Pi arcade. Q: What will it look like? A: Subject to change but i'm considering it being a Capcom Impress style theme. So the shape of the image on the left with the theme/color/style of the right. Q: Why not a real arcade cabinet? A: I have one, it's a capcom impress, it's getting old (needs a full restoration) and my wife doesn't like it sitting around so it sits in my storage locker. =( Q: Why so small? A: About as big as I could get away with, even the wife found this too bulky. =| Q: Why not the 1P version? A: He no longer sells that kit and the porta kits are too small (The Jamma ones are slightly larger inside). Q: Will it be powered by a raspberry pi? A: Oh god no. The plan is to wire this up with interchangeable harnesses for Jamma & JVS. I bought this kit over the smaller units as it will have just barely enough space to internally house a small arcade PCB (Namco 11/12 or Capcom CPS3) inside but due to a cutout in the back I can pull the harness out the back and plug in a larger board outside the kit (like a Naomi/CPS2). Q: What games will you put in it? A: Undecided and it will change around. I recently picked up a Tekken 1 & Street Fighter EX board since they'll be smaller to put inside. I also think I could possibly gut down a System 256 so I could run Tekken 5, Soul Calibur 2 or Gundam Vs (I own all 3 and bunch others for that system). Q: Why? A: I'm a huge arcade fan and I get sad I can't easily play my cabinet anymore. So I want a smaller unit sitting around at home. Q: Why only 1 button or what are you missing? A: Before I buy all stick/button parts, I wanted to wait for the kit to arrive first and check sizing. The kit is kind of built for Happs buttons and the one I have is a Sanwa which is about 1.5mm bigger but now that I have the kit I can see that slightly enlarging the button holes should be just fine. I also still need to pick a color theme for the buttons. Capcom Impress doesn't have a consistent theme for colors and will mostly use a mix of standard Sanwa button colors which is less than the color options for Happs & Seimitsu offer. As for what i'm missing, connectors (I want to keep the wiring clean), 2nd player stick and remaining buttons, 2 speakers and amp (RBG didn't have these for sell outside a full kit) some nuts & bolts. The two boxes in the picture are the LCD and a Power PCB that will keep the power wiring cleaner. Now to slowly take my time to build this. =/
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