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Found 5 results

  1. The Army has failed to meet its yearly recruiting goal of 76,500 new recruits, only bringing in 70,000. That’s an 8.5% fall and is the first time the Army haven’t reached its target in thirteen years.
  2. That's right, this board's most hated tournament is back and is graciously being played in Vancouver this year (rather than Seattle) Group stage is August 15 - 18 and main event is 20 - 25 Group stage schedule List of teams below: Watch live video from dota2ti on www.twitch.tv Here's a link to all the streams including the newcomer stream
  3. Keyser_Soze

    eSports Evo 2018 (August 3 - 5)

    The only esport event that this board seems to care about is back this weekend. Interesting to see that there are more entrants for DBZ than SFV (only 80 more but 2574 entrants is a lot) Streams below (I won't embed all 7 evo streams)
  4. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ready-aim-hire-a-fortnite-coach-parents-enlist-videogame-tutors-for-their-children-1533046708 What is this game?!?
  5. Supergirl Pro is an annual all girl surfing competition that they hold down in Oceanside. Last year they started to incorporate esports at the event as well. Though the esports event is open to everyone priority goes to female signups. This year the games are Fortnite (of course) [Fortnite Friday 10am - 6pm] League of Legends [Saturday 9am - 6pm] CS: GO [Sunday 9am - 5pm] Smash 4 [Saturday 9am - 6pm] Hearthstone [Sunday 9am - 5pm] You can watch all this on the twitch page or in person!