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Found 26 results

  1. Pixelopus was established this generation and consists of fewer than two dozen developers, many of whom are recent college grads.
  2. JayTheToothlessNerd

    Sony Transferring Accounts on PS4

    Good day to you all. I need a little help. My roommate is looking to transfer her account from her PS4 Pro to an original PS4. But there is already an account on the other system. Can I do the transfer without erasing the account on the OG PS4? Any help is appreciated.
  3. "Of course, one of these possibilities is charging you extra for it. Oh wait, that's the part I wasn't supposed to say out loud."
  4. Post your friend codes, Gamer tags etc here if you want to share... Switch Friend code: 2967-5756-8960
  5. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-MIDYEARSALELP/1 I'm waiting for this to be posted on the blog so I can copy the list of games, but there are many. Some of the sales: For a great fun and addictive party/online game, nab Alienation for $3.99. Or Until Dawn for $5.99, which is single-player yet works REALLY well as a party game. Some other games others have compiled: Darksider Warmastered Edition ------------ $1.99 Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Complete Edition - $19.99 Assassins Creed Origins --------------------- $29.99 Doom ------------------------------------------------ $14.99 Dragon Quest Builder -------------------------- $35.99 FarCry 5 -------------------------------------------- $41.99 Prey -------------------------------------------------- $14.99 South Park: Fractured but Whole --------- $19.79 Alienation: $3.99 Witch and the Hundred Knight 2: $19.99 Ys Origin: $7.99 Owlboy: $14.49
  6. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/07/09/mlb-the-show-18-new-rewards-events-for-all-star-week-start-today/
  7. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/07/11/playstation-store-junes-top-downloads-3/ PS4 PSVR F2P PS Classics Vita Europe https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/07/11/fifa-18-was-the-best-selling-game-on-playstation-store-last-month/#sf193500194 PSVR The Last of Us charts so often; Part 2 is going to be huge. God of Legs continues to... have legs.
  8. https://80.lv/articles/horizon-zero-dawn-interview-with-the-team/ On the dungeons (cauldrons and bunkers) being opposed to one another and difficulties creating the,: Preparing their engine for an open-world game On performance optimization: Killzone vs Horizon
  9. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-07-11-playstation-4-is-doing-so-well-we-dont-forget-why-were-here-now On the PS1's success, the move to PS2 and the shift in Sony's types of games: On the PS3's development troubles. The shift to Vita/PS4:
  10. StephenO1683

    Sony ITT Steve O GITS GUD at BB

    I've always liked souls type games but they never liked me. So I stopped buying them. BB however being free on PS+ has let me take another dive into the game and I am doing pretty well so far. I am two bosses down and just bought the Hunter's Chief Emblem key to open up more areas. So please give me your tips, tricks, do's, and don'ts. Below is my current item situation.
  11. doncic

    Sony I bought a PS4

    Got a good deal and mlb was on sale, I am poor and game on a really small Samsung anyways, just thought I’d let everyone know I have a ps poor slim
  12. Remarkableriots

    Sony Fire Pro Wrestling World

    This is the first Fire Pro Wrestling game that I can remember coming to North America. Release date for the PS 4 version is August 28th and it might already be out on Steam.
  13. @GameDadGrant / @NeoJoe There are two versions standard for $60 and Light for $40
  14. What a spectacle of a game. The cinematic shots during gameplay really shine in this. It reminds me a bit of Shadow of the Colossus which would use a low angle shot that put Wander and Agro on the left third or right third of the screen; it made simple traversal feel far grander.
  15. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/06/26/destiny-2-free-weekend-starts-june-29/
  16. Sorry no Knack 2 this month. So we got Beyond recently and now we get Heavy Rain. And Absolver This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes: Rayman 3 HD, PS3 Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, PS3 Space Overlords, PS Vita Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma, PS Vita
  17. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/06/29/crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy-gets-new-level-hdr-faster-loading/ It's been up for a couple days. I may reinstall Crash to try out the level (and since I'm rusty, die way too much). Very cool to see them create a new level, perhaps the first of many?
  18. I just beat the main story of God of War again and have more side things to do, but the replay solidified how excellent a game this is. It has so much going right and adds so much in comparison to the previous games. 1) Exploration - The original God of War games had secrets to uncover, but God of War PS4 is more "wide-linear," where it's not completely open-world, but it does allow exploration, back-tracking, and the like. Interestingly enough, it utilizes everything to the max. Even in my first playthrough, by the end of the game I still stumbled upon places I missed. And while they're not marked on the map (which is great and I'd like to see more games do that), you can look at the map and go, "Hey, there's an area that looks like it can be entered," and go there, and yup, it's an unmarked area. And then there's the density of the areas. Look up and you'll potentially see items you can shoot down, and they're items you'll use. Find side paths to explore, and you'll find treasures (not to mention the treasure maps that you need to use environmental clues to find). And the treasures are usually new moves, enhancements or some legitimately decent armor. I was changing my Runic attacks throughout the game because I'd explore, I'd find a new, say, light axe attack, I'd notice I like the increase damage or increased stun characteristics, and I'd swap it out. You can just be rowing around the lake and find items in the lake, or permanent stat upgrades around the lake, and they make it very easy to get the items (Atreus mainly takes care of it). You can enter another area and find a mini-puzzle to solve that opens up to a new path. There are just a plethora of goodies you can stumble across, optional enemy encounters, useful items, puzzles, you name it. 2) Combat - I wondered if a story-focused God of War would make concessions in the gameplay department, but the gameplay is aces. It's far more deliberate in this game, I feel. There's more strategy involved, partly due to the new camera angle; you have to be alert to enemy placement, which is why spamming is far less useful to anyone who remembers the tried-and-true [] [] /\ combo. That combo is still useful, but I'm not winning battles spamming it. I also like the use of throwing the axe because you can recall it to help knock away other enemies. You toss it at an enemy (and might be able to pin them to the wall), other enemies are swarming you, and you can line them up and knock them off-balance by recalling the axe. It ended up being a really cool weapon despite not being the iconic blades, and even after expanding my arsenal, I still used the axe. Then you also have Atreus, whose combat ranges from stunning and incapacitating enemies, to being commanded by you with a simple [ ] button. He can open up secrets, detonate explosives, and stun/electrocute enemies. Rarely do you have to save him from something; he can take care of himself. 3) Story and Dialogue - The game easily has the best dialogue in the series. Compare 3 to this game, and it's night and day. The characters all have distinct personalities, and I remember all of them and can describe them pretty easily. The humor... I didn't even expect there to be that much humor in the game, but there are a lot of funny parts, both in the main story and in normal conversation while traveling. The dwarves who sell you things, for example, make fun of the fact that they're everywhere; the game has a lot of fun with it. Many other games have utilized character dialogue while traveling to add to the story, add to the characters and make the walk more enjoyable since you're not engaged in combat. God of War I think pushes it to another level. This is a much more fully-realized Kratos. He's not one-note. He grows. He lack of a sense of humor is his humor. His son grows. The secondary/side characters grow. All in all, I hope God of War PS5 takes it to another level. They have all the groundwork they need.
  19. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/06/19/introducing-playstation-hits-great-games-at-a-great-price/
  20. Watching the trailers at E3 this year reminded me that I never actually played through The Last of Us. I somehow missed it entirely on the PS3, and it was one of the first games I bought on the PS4. I played it up to a certain point and then lost track of it. I think it said my last save was November of 2014. Turns out, it's a pretty good game. It's impressive how well a game that is essentially from 2013 holds up in every respect. I had no doubt the story would be powerful and well told, and that those would stand the test of time. I was more skeptical that the game mechanics would feel sufficiently "modern," but it turns out that not a lot has changed in the last 5 years. There really wasn't anything that struck me as feeling particularly old fashioned in the way that some trail-blazing games do in retrospect. The progression and crafting systems are simplistic, but perfectly functional for the type of game it is. The graphics too, still look pretty good. They're notably not the best around anymore, but by and large this is still a very good looking game that is littered with astounding detail. Sure, you can see where some models could use a few more polygons or another pass or two of texture, but it's still perfectly capable of instilling the necessary empathy and horror. If there are any of you that, like me, somehow missed out on The Last of Us, it's still very much worth a play through.
  21. Since all gaming is consolidated under one forum now I've created suggested Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, PC, Consoles, and General tags. Unfortunately there's no way to limit those suggested tags to just showing here, so for the sake of the other boards I didn't want to go crazy on the list of suggestions. Also unfortunately, there's no way to limit forcing people to choose from a pre-defined list on just this board—it was either on every single board or nowhere. But I thought it was worth a shot anyhow. I've upped the tags limit to 4 so that if something applies to all 4 of those you can set them accordingly. The idea is that the tags provide a way to filter down to just Nintendo or Sony or whatever without having to have separate boards. To give it a shot to see what it looks like looking through the board this way, click on the Nintendo tag on this thread for instance, there's already another thread with a Nintendo tag.