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Found 5 results

  1. Here is the 13th episode of Nostalgic Pixel. I partner-up with my friend and he schools me on this game.
  2. Hey everyone! About two years ago I started a podcast with a great group of guys. We're basically a video game book club. We pick a game to play every month as a community and then we record an episode discussing it. We also do episodes ranging on a variety of other topics in the industry. This year, we have recorded enough episodes to register as media for E3 and it has always been a dream of mine to go as part of the industry! We have hit the subscriber, downloads, and listener marks needed for media passes but we are short 15 ratings on iTunes to qualify! We have 35 and we need to hit 50! If we can reach that mark, they will rerun our application and we should be able to get our badges. I hate to do this, but we are desperate at this point as the quota for media badges are close to being filled. If anyone could take a small amount of time to click on the link below and leave us a review/rating in the iTunes store, we would be forever grateful. I don't even think you need to leave a review, just click the amount of stars under ratings and reviews and that's it! You can do it on your phones as well, just scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see an option to rate/review. If on a computer, just choose to open in iTunes and you should see the same option. Here is the link! I know how awful it is when people beg for likes/follows/subscriptions in this day and age but we are in a really tough spot and I have to explore every option. This community has always been amazing and helpful so I knew I could come here judgement free. If we end up making it out there as media, I will do a giveaway with some E3 swag we pick up. Thanks everybody!
  3. I did this last year, I feel like this year they supposedly trimmed the categories and I think it still managed to be longer. It was mostly just Brad jizzing over how he role-played Arthur in RDR2 and pleading his case why it should win 3 different categories. Despite that I thought it was weird that when they got to GOTY and... Here's the Full Lists: Best Style Best Music Best Debut Hottest Mess Best Moment or Sequence Best Story Best Ongoing Game Best Looking Most Disappointing Best Game
  4. We're planning to do something a little different for the next D1Pcast. Instead of our usual format, we're going to have a discussion of what is perhaps the most talked-about game of the first half of 2018 not named Fortnite: God of War. If you've got thoughts about God of War -- both positive and negative -- then post in this thread if you'd like to participate. We use Skype for the show and will provide the details as to when we'll be recording once we get things a bit more locked down.
  5. From the firey ashes we rise like a phoenix or at least some type of bird. D1Pcast makes a come back! We let you guys behind the curtains as @Emblazonand @SFLUFANexplain what happen to the boards when they went down. @Mr.Vic20 and I chime in on E3 talk. The good, the bad and a lot of ugly. So listen in as we dust ourselves off from all the rubble that once was day one patch 1.0.
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