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Found 96 results

  1. There are going to be some really dumb questions here for the Mr. Computers in here but I seriously haven't owned anything but a work desktop at home in many years. Like the title says, I've never owned a laptop either and I'm looking to rectify that. Some things I'd like to do/questions: 1. What's a reasonably affordable price range without going full cheap-fuck level? 2. Is it common to have an HDMI output or any other way to be able to 'broadcast' it to my living room TV? 3. I'd love to be able to run some emulators on it...at most Dolphin maybe for some Metroid Prime for example? 4. I know nothing about current processor speeds etc., what are some standards specs at this point? 5. It'd be great if you guys could link me to some good deals or give me some tips on where to start looking.
  2. Just out of curiosity, how often do you wipe everything and start over again? Windows 10 makes it quite easy since you don't even need to input a key or anything like that, but still, reinstalling everything is kind of a pain. What is your normal reformat schedule?
  3. Do any folks here use Office Suite instead of Microsoft Office? I don't use Office enough at my age and this point in my life to justify a yearly subscription. Any impressions on Suite from people here? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, What's the current going rate for a used gtx 1080?
  5. Our church is doing some video crunching, so a member donated a brand new 1660Ti. Very helpful of them, but this card is tall and doesn't come close to fitting in the 4U server chassis we're using here. I'd feel bad selling it on eBay and buying something else, but that's probably what I'll end up having to do. That is, unless one if you all are interested in buying it off if me or trading me an old card you have for it. All I need is an Nvidia card with 4GB of RAM, so it's a free and even trade for me no matter what card it is. All I need is something that isn't taller than the slot and, preferably, doesn't take power out the top. I figured I'd ask here before I put it up on eBay.
  6. I'm in the market for a cheap movie playing, Netflix streaming and Facebook browsing laptop does anyone have some good suggestions?
  7. I have no idea where to post this anymore, but, I'm about to throw one of my 980 Tis on eBay, they seem to go for around $250-300 shipped, if anyone here wants it, it'll just be $210 shipped (feel free to make a (realistic) offer as well). Figured I'd offer it up here before going the eBay route. It's an MSI 980 ti Gaming 6g Golden Edition: https://us.msi.com/Graphics-card/GTX-980-Ti-GAMING-6G-GOLDEN-EDITION.html I never OCed it as it comes pre-OCed to more-or-less what's considered the "max" a 980 Ti can get to on air cooling. I used it in an SLI configuration with an nVidia branded 980 Ti (which underclocked it to match the stock speed of nVidia one). If no one wants it by Friday, to eBay she goes
  8. Im looking to enhance my smart home setup and in order to really do that it requires me to open ports. I've done this before for the xbox, but I havent done this for a PC. I have a Ubuntu install housing my home automation (homeassistant), Plex server, and I was also looking into setting up a VPN (Link to video). So what can happen when opening a few (3?) ports to this PC? I understand encrypting the information being send in and out, but does leaving these ports open leave the rest of my network at risk? If you have any warnings or tips to help secure things better I'd love to hear them. Thanks all!
  9. Hello all. I'm having an issue with my computer and I'm not sure if it is due to hardware or software. I'm now have white horizontal lines on the screen and I can't boot into windows. After the Windows 10 boot/splash screen my monitor sits there cycling though HDMI and Analog looking for a signal. I think Windows just did an update not long ago, maybe a few days, but I just used the computer yesterday and it wasnt like this. I have a GeForce 480 graphics card, and it is about 8 years old. Thinking it is either a graphics driver issue, a graphics card issue, or a Windows issue. I finally was able to get Win10 to start in Safe Mode but it is asking for a password and I don't ever remember putting a password on my computer other than a Pin# and that isn't working. I'm going to try and post a picture of what the screen looks like, but I'm on my phone and it might not work. If this is a card issue I might need suggestions for a new card that is around $200, since that is about all I can afford right now. http://
  10. It’s apparently all the rage now Anyone have experience with DIY RGB ram heatsinks? Or is it really not worth pulling off stock heatsinks from RAM (ie: too high a risk of damaging the RAM)?
  11. I keep going back and forth on a new monitor and possibly a new GPU. I was planning on going for an ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ, but the $1500 price tag keeps stopping me from pulling the trigger... that’s when I remembered nVidia now supports Fressync . Soooo, I was wondering, what’s the best monitor in the Freesync world (I’d prefer 4k, HDR is a must)? How does it compare to the PG27UQ? I know that the BenQ ex3501R is highly rated, but it’s an ultra-wide 1440p display.
  12. I think it's time to finally get a new PC Case and set-up that Mobo and CPU @Mr.Vic20 gave me and retire (give away) my i7 3770k computer (minus video card and most hdd/ssds ). Anyway... the main reason I haven't is that I hate doing a reformat and losing all of my apps/settings and what-not. Redownloading/reinstalling things is such a huge PITA. Is there a simplified way to do this now with Windows 10? I don't think I have done a fresh build since like 2012-2013-ish (really), so I'm running off of the "free" Windows 10 upgrade off of Windows 8 - how can I keep this without repurchasing Windows?
  13. Logitech is bringing the classic MX518 mouse out of retirement, giving it some new insides and a new paint job, but keeping the classic shape. It's available to pre-order for $60. I didn't know that the 518 was so well loved. I've personally used either a 518 or the similarly shaped G5 since release both at home and at work. I've tried out some wireless mice for brief periods, but in the end I've always ended back with the 518. I'm comfortable with the shape and button placement, I don't really need any fancy features, and don't have a strong desire for wireless. I might end up picking up a new 518 just to keep around in case one of my existing mice die.
  14. https://www.microcenter.com/product/507541/ripjaws-x-8gb-2-x-4gb-ddr3-1600-pc3-12800-cl9-dual-channel-desktop-memory-kit---red $50 for 8GB Great deal at microcenter just picked up a set, will give me 16GB total which will hold me over until next year when I do a new build. I realize now the price is common across a few other sites but still a great bargain. I can now run rise of the tomb raider with every setting maxed without stuttering, I've seen ram usage Spike to over 10GB, was definitely hitting a wall due to 8GB.
  15. Recently my PC has been downloading at a much slower rate than usual. I am only getting about 1.5 MBps max on Steam whereas before I got between 7 and 8 MBps. I have tried resetting my router and doing a network reset on my PC but still getting slow speeds. I'm thinking I may need to replace the adapter, but I can't tell if that's issue or not. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  16. AMD, Nvidia Have Launched the Least-Appealing GPU Upgrades in History
  17. NVIDIA has confirmed that they will be supporting the VESA Adaptive Sync standard through their G-Sync compatible / certification programme. The initiative is to allow Adaptive Sync support with GeForce GTX/RTX graphics cards on monitors which aren’t certified under the G-Sync label and are sold as AMD’s Freesync compatible displays. NVIDIA To Support VESA Adaptive Sync / AMD Freesync Compatible Monitors Through G-Sync Compatible Program For a long time, NVIDIA has been developing their G-Sync monitor technology to offer a seamless, tear-free, flicker-free and smooth gaming experience on displays that utilize their G-Sync module. The proprietary technology and the underlying hardware meant that the monitor cost would go up drastically but in return, you’d get a quality gaming experience. Soon after G-Sync was announced, AMD came up with their own display technology dubbed Freesync. AMD utilized the VESA standard and their Adaptive Sync technology over DisplayPort to offer similar tear-free gaming experience. Since then, there has been a competition between NVIDIA’s G-Sync and AMD’s Freesync displays. To this day, hundreds of gaming displays are available under either G-Sync or Freesync branding and while AMD followed an open standard, NVIDIA used their proprietary solution until they got G-Sync out for gaming laptops too. Here, instead of using the expensive G-Sync module, NVIDIA opt for an implementation similar to A-Sync while branding it as G-Sync. This shows that NVIDIA has supported VESA but never been too vocal about it. But NVIDIA at CES 2019 acknowledged that A-Sync monitors are also built for gaming and that they are very popular. As such, they are officially enabling support for A-sync / Freesync monitors with their upcoming GeForce drivers on 15th January 2019. This is huge news for gamers who want to get hands-on great gaming displays that are cheaper than the G-Sync models while still retaining variable refresh rate and tear-free gaming.
  18. I bought my last one through CyberpowerPC, and it was generally okay. I had some recent problems with it (had it over a year, so didn't really panic that much). And yeah, I could probably fix it if I wanted to spend a ton of time trying to diagnose and figure out what it is doing. Basically, it started making sounds like it was calling for Emus to attack, so after all of the Emus attacked, I turned off the computer. I then opened it up, ran it for a bit, and then it started up again about a few hours later (the Emu attack sound). I figure it's either a fan going nuts (although I can't seem to locate it) or my video card's engine just went nuts (and possibly its fan as well). So, rather than try to figure it out, I'm just thinking of treating myself and getting a brand new system. I figure I have about 4k to spend (if needed), so would love to see some ideas from you all. I kind of want to have something I can get soon, rather than later, and I really don't want to have a bunch of parts delivered to me and then having to install them all. Yeah, I know that's cheaper, but I've made too many systems in my time and just don't feel like going through the work again. Up until I get one, I have a pretty awesome Alienware laptop, but while my laptop was kind of nice, and I'd like to move from 2017 to 2018-9 now.
  19. https://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/
  20. Maybe you guys have some suggestions as I'm losing my mind here. So the mouse will work fine in bios and other non window areas but Inside of windows in DM it'll be categorized as human interferece device and will list my razor mouse having an issue. I've tried restarting, I've tried different USB ports, I did a semi refresh of windows and or set it back a few days and still nothing. Well I ran a fresh install and the mouse still won't work. Anyone have any suggestions? I've tried going into DM and deleting the drivers and reinstall and it's to no avail. Any suggestions would be great
  21. Hey dudes! At long last, I'm setting out to build my own PC. I got wife approval today so I'm beginning this thing in earnest. I've looked at logicalincrements.com and am aiming for anything around the "Outstanding" tier. Background: I've been using Macs mostly since 2005. I keep up with PC components and stuff just enough to have surface level knowledge. Right now my iMac is bootcamped with Win10 and is on par with a mid-high end 2015 laptop. I just can't justify the "Apple tax" anymore and want better performance for games at a much better price. I HAVE NEVER BUILT MY OWN PC BEFORE FROM SCRATCH. I have replaced GPU's, HDD's etc but that was back when HL2 was the new hotness. Budget: <$2000 including monitors Performance goals are: >60FPS at 1440p for 3-4 years (or more). I'm not streaming or podcasting. Very light video and photo editing. VR probably at some point but not right now. I already own the following: Corsair k70 Logitech G502 Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD (currently in an external case but I plan to install it internally) Here is a list of what I have in carts right now: Power Supply HDD (Seagate 2TB) CPU Cooler Core-i7 8700k Nvidia 2070 MB (Gigabyte Z390) RAM(16GB) Case I'm not married to any of these components. I'm just more familiar with Intel stuff. If somebody wants to make a strong case for AMD stuff then I'm open to that. Needs: I need help with choosing a G-sync, low latency monitor. I've used 27" monitors for years, like the size and will probably continue with that. 1440p resolution unless there is a 4K monitor at a screaming deal. Just one monitor for now...unless I can get two smaller ones for a good price. (2x 24" for example). I'm actually open to input. PS- If anybody has some old parts that they are looking to offload that will still meet the above performance goals, I'd be more than happy to buy them/take them off your hands.
  22. This isn't quite "check out this tech," but it kind of is! So my monitor is looping the very bottom line of pixels on the top of the screen. Here, take a look. I apologize for the image quality, but since it's only one line of pixels it's a little tricky to set it up to be easily visible without a video, plus a close-up of a light source in a pitch black room, etc., and I'm too lazy for that in any case. Bottom of screen: The text is cut off on purpose. As I said, it's only one line, so I wouldn't notice at all if it was just a missing line. Top of screen: All those gray dots along the top are the bits of text that were cut off from the bottom. Now, on a static image, this is barely noticeable, but on a moving picture, especially if the top and bottom are contrasting colors, this creates a bit of that old console overscan effect where when you see the full image there's a bunch of crap appearing on one side of the screen, but not quite as extreme. I have ruled out pretty much everything but the monitor itself at this point, as I play my PS4 on this thing as well, as you can see, so it's not my GPU or Windows, it's not the cable or port because it's two different cables and ports, that leaves just the monitor. The monitor has no setting for this like older ones, so I'm unsure of how to solve it. I could technically RMA it, but the idea of doing that and getting some piece of shit with dead pixels ("Dell considers a monitor with up to six dead pixels acceptable," bitch who cares what Dell finds acceptable? It's MY monitor motherfucker!) just makes me want to put a ghetto piece of black tape across the top, which would effectively eliminate the issue, but I'd rather have a real solution. On Windows I can just resize my desktop and lose like a tiny tiny fraction of an inch on all sides and it eliminates the issue with me not even noticing after a minute, and I guess that might be possible on PS4 since every game asks you to size up your screen, but again, I'd like to try a real solution if anyone's familiar with this. It's a son of a bitch to Google since I don't know a proper name for it and get all kinds of vaguely similar but ultimately unrelated shit. And yes, I've tried giving the monitor a good thwack. It made me feel better, but didn't solve the issue.
  23. My router was giving me some problems (and was slow, and only supported 802.11n)… So I went out and bought a new router.... And bought this.. A ROG GT-AX11000 -- I don't have any clients that support 802.11ax (or Wifi6), so that capability is currently wasted... However, with a tri-band router - I am no longer having some of my clients randomly drop off my network, and I seem to have a MUCH stronger signal in the far corners of my house. I bought it open box, so I saved $90 (and it came with a copy of COD:BOIII) - so it's not as bad as if I had bought a current NIB version. But still... Am I insane?
  24. https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/9/18175493/amd-announces-radeon-vii-next-generation-graphics-gpu Looks promising, but I need to read more.
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