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Found 6 results

  1. http://loudwire.com/google-alert-tool-new-album/?trackback=tsmclip
  2. There was a similar thread prior to the board Chernobyl in the music forum; and it was the one thread on that sub-board that was pretty consistently active. But I always loved the rate the last movie you watched thread. This one can be for music! It doesn't necessarily have to be rating an album per se. It can be an artist as a whole or a song individually or anything in between. I just like grouping my music by albums. Cloudkicker - Beacons - 9/10 One of my very favorite albums and definitely his best work. The song titles on this album are taken from a book called The Black Box; a book of transcriptions of black box recordings from plane crashes. The titles are usually the last words on the tape. "We're going in. We're going down." "It's bad. We're hit, man, we are hit." "We are going to invert..." "I admit it now. I was scared." "We were all scared."
  3. I was talking to someone and I said The Ecstasy of Gold was too epic for the movie it was in. I have never seen the whole movie, but parts on YT for one reason or another and what I saw didn't seem that great. Anyway, they had never heard it at all. So I played it for them and they said it wasn't epic. It was just generic western music. So, what to you guys think?
  4. mudads

    Music Vinnie Paul - Dead at 54

    It is being confirmed all over the place. Nothing is being said other than he has passed. What a bummer.
  5. Minnesota Fatz

    Music Demi Lovato relapsed