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Found 48 results

  1. Feel free to share any Asian music in this thread and here are some of my favorites to get things started: Edit: I would like to note that this is thread No. 1337 so lets make it great!
  2. There was a similar thread prior to the board Chernobyl in the music forum; and it was the one thread on that sub-board that was pretty consistently active. But I always loved the rate the last movie you watched thread. This one can be for music! It doesn't necessarily have to be rating an album per se. It can be an artist as a whole or a song individually or anything in between. I just like grouping my music by albums. Cloudkicker - Beacons - 9/10 One of my very favorite albums and definitely his best work. The song titles on this album are taken from a book called The Black Box; a book of transcriptions of black box recordings from plane crashes. The titles are usually the last words on the tape. "We're going in. We're going down." "It's bad. We're hit, man, we are hit." "We are going to invert..." "I admit it now. I was scared." "We were all scared."
  3. His music video game has been on point for this album And there's a 23 minute long song. Hold on to your butts boys!
  4. This was not intended as a joke somehow. An absolute classic among my friends:
  5. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/eddie-money-dead-dies-1203334855/
  6. Also, major digital news announced: Also, Maynard was again on The Joe Rogan Experience today to announce:
  7. Was just released @Runny After the last albums complexity, I am so disappoint.
  8. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8521538/live-nation-resale-market-secretly-recorded-phone-calls-concert-tickets
  9. A 13-count indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois and includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice
  10. Baroness have been pretty consistent with their albums though slowly changing their sound over time. This sounds a lot like Purple (which I enjoyed) but a bit more subdued and a bit more psychedelic. Also, if you only get one physical release this year make it this, the artwork is quite nice. 👌 I'll probably have more to say about it later!
  11. What are some of your favorite music videos? Can be official, fan-made, whatever, whenever. I've been watching a lot on YouTube lately and thought this might be interesting to see. I'll throw in more as time permits but I'll start with one of my favorites:
  12. I've been on my annual massive Aphex Twin binge and was wondering if there are any other fans on here? What are your favorite, most memorable, whatever tracks by Mr. RDJ? His catalog is so fucking vast, I always find new tracks so I'm curious.
  13. And it wouldn't be an Amon Amarth single without a cheesy music video with terrible fight choreography. To be honest I think this is one of their weakest singles ever. I hope that the album as a whole has some better stuff. But this is looking like Deceiver of the Gods tier Amon Amarth.
  14. Better than Youtube Quality: Kenopsia by Illyria @GeneticBlueprint
  15. I can't think of a band that embraces the term "djent" more than Periphery. I also can't think of a band that simultaneously rejects it more than them. While they have the hallmark downtuned guitars and odd rhythms, they also lean into pop and electronic while infusing symphonic and jazz elements into their music. And HAIL STAN is no exception to that practice. In fact it doesn't just lean into the non-djent items; it dials them up to 11 while not losing any of the heaviness. In their continuing quest to reject convention (whatever that means in progressive metal music), Periphery took the longest most epic track on the album--"Reptile"--and stuck that first instead of saving it for last as is typical of prog-metal albums. And by god it is a burner. It ebbs and flows between fiery blazes and smoldering ash. Like, when it softens in parts you can still feel the hot pulse underneath. It really showcases Spencer's vocal ability and how he goes "up like an angel and down like a wounded ox." I know it's a lot to ask some people to listen to a 17 minute song so if you don't want to hear the whole thing just check out some 30 second highlights here, here, and here. But really you should listen to the whole thing. Ever wonder what Periphery would sound like if they were put in a blender with an intro to an anime show and early 2000s pop-punk? Yeah me too. Thankfully they wrote "It's Only Smiles" to answer that question for us. What if they wrote a 100% synth/darkwave song featuring Spencer's vocals? Okay here's "Crush". In many ways HAIL STAN feels like a culmination of everything that came before it. Take the track "Sentient Glow". It feels like it would fit in nicely on Periphery II: This Time It's Personal with hints of the poppier elements of tracks from that album like "Ragnarok", "Scarlet", and "Mile Zero". Other tracks like "CHVRCH BVRNER" and "Follow Your Ghost" feel like they would be at home on the front half of Periphery III: Select Difficulty or next to tracks like "MK Ultra" on Juggernaut. The last track "Satellites", which is also quite lengthy at nine and a half minutes, eases you off the high of the previous tracks with some relaxing and soothing melodies. And just when you think "okay this is enough softness for one song" BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE into a blistering lengthy loud outro. ... And I still can't get enough of this fucking riff from the first single they released. Fucking 10 out of fucking 10.
  16. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47442312 I didn't know a ton of their music but I know he was an icon of the industry. RIP
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